Monday, November 12, 2012

Week/Weekend Catch up

It's been over a week since I've posted and oh how I've missed it.  We have been a little busy as usual, with a few nasty sick bugs thrown in.  So what better way to catch up than a bullet post!

*My sister and I attended a craft show this weekend where we sold some of my homemade items.  I did pretty well but the things my sister and I thought would sell the most, didn't.

*That being, said I think we might do one more show before Christmas, since we still have some inventory!

*Randy had his last Chemo treatment on Friday!!  Yay!!  Besides him feeling like crap right now, we are so glad to put this behind us.  Next step, PET scan and doctor appointment to go over results!  I'll keep you posted!

*I am more than excited about this Friday.  If your a Twilight fan you know.  Breaking Dawn Part Two!!!!!

*For the first time, we as a family passed a nasty tummy bug through our house in a matter of 24 hours.  It was gross!!  Luckily little man was the only one who didn't get it!

*We moved my sissy and her family back home, to our hometown!  I couldn't be happier, to have my sister/best friend only 20 minutes away.

*I fell off the diet/exercise wagon for 2 weeks.  God blessed me, because I didn't gain any!  Thank goodness and now that I'm feeling better I am back on the wagon!

*Jillian my 4 year old has started to spell words!  Genius!!  Well, she does have the Word World app and several Word World DVD, that have helped.  But seriously, how cool is it that she can spell rocket!

*Speaking of Miss Jillian, she finally started Speech Therapy last week.  She and I are both excited.  She tries so hard to tell me things but sometimes it just doesn't come out clear.  Her Speech teacher even has her same name, which of course my Jillian thinks is too cool!

*We had been dealing with some lamanitis in our horse Freckles, but after a few months of work and a strict diet I think he's finally on the mend!

*I am pretty much done Christmas shopping for my kids!  I am so ecstatic!  This is a first for me.  But after last year, my first year buying for 2 kids, I knew this year I had to be prepared!  I started layaway at Wal-Mart and finished up this past weekend!  Randy still has to pick out one thing for Wyatt, but I think he's got that covered!

*I've even started on most of my list this year.  This is so out of the norm for me, but I am so relieved to have this almost done and not have to stress over!

*But speaking of stress, I cannot seem to keep a clean house!  What gives?  I am so happy we live in the country and don't get many drop by visitors, cause I would be so embarrassed!

*I can't believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, like next week.  That's crazy, right?!?

*I have a weird eye disease called iritis and it's really flaring up right now.  I may have to have injections in my eye.  Yikes, I'm kind of dreading the doc visit!  Wish me luck!

That's all for tonight!  I hope to be back regularly, but no promises.  I expect the holidays to be super busy!

Happy Monday  


  1. Oh yah, you have to tell me how speech therapy goes. SOunds like a very busy week/weekend you have coming up. I can't believe it is THanksgivng so soon!

  2. Hey Carissa - what other craft show are you doing? I'd like to get a look at some of your inventory!

  3. We did have a pretty decent craft show after it was over though. Glad the stomach bug didn't get your little man! Sorry that you all didn't feel well, but glad that you are all better now. Hopefully those injections won't be as bad as they sound.

  4. So glad it is his last round of Chemo. You guys are amazing!
    A craft show sounds like so much fun, I would love to go to one.
    I can never manage to keep our house clean, haha.


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