Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dear mom,

Mom I want to let you know how wonderful of a daughter you raised. And no I'm not talking about myself! Tonight Jordan started her job as our youth minister! So exciting! I know that you're in heaven smiling down and being mean with Pride. I am so proud of my little sister and I know that you are too!
David said this morning how exciting is it that Jordan's our youth minister! I said yes I'm so excited too, and then he added and your mom would be so proud!
This job, this role was meant for her! I watched her tonight as she read the Bible to my daughter, along with some of the other children. It was amazing! She really did know her stuff, and she really was teaching the children. Mom, I'm so excited for her and this job, in this role in our church. You raised us in this church, and this church was our home. So I feel like we're at home, and I'm glad that we can raise our children in this church, our home! I'm so excited for her mom, and I know you are too! Thanks for raising us girls up right!

We love you and miss you so much!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm not a either or, I'm a both!

Unfortunately what I mean is I cannot eat healthy and not work out, or work out any whatever I want. To lose weight I mean. Some people can just exerciseand eat  whatever they like, and some people can just eat healthy and not exercise. But for some reason my body does not agree with either of those statements.  Why is that? I mean I know that all of us women are different, but why does it have to be so hard. To lose weight, and then maintain. I have lost a good amount Of weight a total of three times in my lifetime, and I have gained weight a total of three times and I lifetime. It's always an uphill battle. Of course two of those times I was pregnant, but that makes it even harder afterwards to lose the weight. I worked so hard from the beginning of the year until July to lose weight for my vacation, and I pretty much succeeded despite a couple of pounds. But now after back from vacation I let it slip a little and gained a little. So now I'm working my butt off again to try and, work my butt off!  Any other ladies out there feel the same way?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jillian's first day of Kindergarten

As I write this I'm waiting in the car rider line to pick up Jillian. One week after she started her first day of kindergarten.

I was off work on the first day of school, and Randy took off so that we could take Jillian ourselves. We got ready that morning, took our first day of school picture and loaded up in the van. We got to the school few minutes before it starts and walked her to class. It was so surreal. She wasn't scared at all. Not like me. To my surprise most of the children were already there. The teacher met us at the door, and helped Jillian find her name for her hook where her backpack will hang. She then advised Jillian to go find a seat. So I walked over with her. There were three tables. Two tables mixed with boys and girls, and one table with just boys. Jillian picked the table with all boys to sit down. I could see her daddy's face in the hallway, not liking it. Then the teacher kind of urged us to leave. I really didn't want to, but she was fine and I knew it was time to go.

No tears! I couldn't believe it but I did not cry. Now I will say that the day before, her last day of preschool, I shed a few tears. But today was more of a celebration. My little girl was growing up and going to big girl school!

We picked her up that afternoon. And she jumped right in the van. We asked her how her day went and she responded with "great we played outside two times!" It was great seeing how happy she was. But then she put on her headphones and started watching a movie. And that was almost all she told us about that day. We ask her a few more questions like did you make any friends, and are you going to go back tomorrow. She told us she forgot to make friends, and that no she was not going back tomorrow. But of course she did. And didn't even fuss about it. She was so ready for this, even though I wasn't, I'm so proud of my big girl!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Jillian graduated Preschool in May.  My little girl is growing up!

The ceremony was held at our church in the evening.  They had a several video's of the kiddos at her school, and slide shows of pictures.

Jillian's class performed a song on stage!  It was the cutest ever!!  They did an excellent job.  Click play below....

I was so proud of my girl when they called her name.  Mrs.  Sarah asked her some questions and she wasn't afraid to answer!

She has always told me she wanted to be a veterinarian!  So proud!!

I love their little caps and gowns!

I just can't believe she's growing up so fast.  Very bittersweet!  Today preschool, tomorrow Kindergarten.

Accepting her diploma!

One more because Momma is sooo proud!!

Jillian's Amazing Preschool teachers!
Left to Right
Mrs. Hannah, Ms. Amanda, & Ms. Kelsy

She wouldn't have made it this far without them!!  We love them!

We are the proud parents of a Preschool graduate!

Tomorrow starts Kindergarten.......

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fish Fry and Redneck Slip N Slide

Last weekend we had some friends over and had a fish fry and redneck slip and slide! So here in Kentucky we like to throw some plastic down the ground water hose and some dawn dishwashing liquid and slide down! It makes for some good fun! Although I have to tell you that I have the bruises to prove it. I haven't finished editing pictures from vacation but we went to Florida in July and Randy went deep-sea fishing. So we got to bring some of that fish home and that's what we fried up. Just one more summer get together before school starts, for all the kids and for us adults too!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jillians 5 year check up

We took Jillian today to the doctor for her five-year-old checkup. She weighed 50 pounds, and was 48 1/2 inches tall. My girl is growing! Although she's slimming down, she hasn't lost any weight. But she is now in the 90th percentile for her weight. For her height she's off the charts!

For the most part the appointment went well. They did have to prick her finger. And she screamed bloody murder! It even scared her little brother! But all in all the doctor said she was a very healthy little girl! And she's ready for kindergarten!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wyatt's 2nd Birthday Party

I have been working on this for a month but blogger wouldn't let me upload.  So hopefully this time it'll work!  Sorry so late!!

 Wyatt's 2nd Birthday Party!!

Wyatt turned the big 2 on Monday, the 13th of May.  We celebrated with our friends and family that Saturday at our church.  Wyatt loves Elmo and Sesame Street so it was a no brainer for me to choose that for his birthday party theme.  Lots of primary colors and letters and numbers!  I LOVE party planning!  I did a lot of pinning on Pinterest, and came up with a few things of my own.  All my printables designed by 14 West Graphics on Etsy!

The Welcome Table

Subway art, the party invite and a picture of Wyatt, were on the table.  Along with a glass vase with magnetic letters and numbers holding up some decorative arrangement. 

The Present Table

 Close up view of the welcome sign.  Randy and I made this together.  I got the idea off of Pinterest, but came up with this design on my own.  We just used a banister, dow rod, and some wood pieces that go on a deck.  Painted then, and Randy assembled them!

Ernie's Rubber Duckie Punch
Blue Kool-aid
Ginger Ale
Blue Hawain Punch
Pineapple sherbert
Rubber duckies to float on top

The Food Table

Goldfish crackers in a fishbowl.

Cookie Monster's cookie jar.

Mommy and The Birthday Boy

Close up of the food table.  I made the big 2 out of that real thick poster board, painted it and used foam to cut out circles for the eyes and an oval for his nose!

Cookie Monster Fruit Plate

Elmo Fruit Plate

Wyatt's cake.  The blow up Elmo I saved from Jillian's first birthday.

The cupcake table.

The cupcakes!  

There was a goldfish on each table, and each child was able to take one home.  Only one parent let their child take one!

Blow out the candle.  That's sissy's head in the way.

Yep, he dove right in.

Typical Family pic.  I'm the only one looking at the camera!

He loves some cake!

He got lots of great gifts!  Lots of sports related gifts for my little sports enthusiast!  

The big one from mommy and daddy......

He and his cousin Noah loved it!  They rode it around in circles forever.  Wyatt steered while Noah pressed down the pedal.  It was to cute!  We had a great day celebrating our 2 year old's birthday!  Thanks for all who came to celebrate with us!!