Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend Events

This past weekend was another crazy busy yet fun filled weekend.  First up was lunch with the sista, then to the salon for a haircut, Jo-Jo's that is, I had mine done 2 weeks ago.  She had it straightened after her cut.  This is when we look the most a like, besides the different hues!

Then we stopped by my Memmaw Helen's for the boys to nurse and catch up a little.  The boys played/wined while we talked.  They weren't really winy, but Wyatt wasn't amused by my photo shoot!
                                                    But little Noah though I was funny!!

Ooh, one of my favorite parts next.  PEDICURES!!!  As a mommy and a woman, I try to pamper myself at least every other month or so with a pedicure.  It is so relaxing and makes my feet and toes flip flop worthy.

Noah couldn't figure out 1. what the man was doing to mommy's feet and 2. why he couldn't get in the water.

Wyatt thought this man was pretty silly, he kept making faces at Wyatt!


Some pink polish to finish them off.  I tried to pick a fall color but pink is my color, no matter what season!

Us girls and the boys!  Randy said, this isn't right, the boys hanging out with the ladies and Jillian hanging out with me.  I said well honey, when you can produce milk then Wyatt is more then welcome to hang out with you all day.  Until then, he's pretty content with the mama!!

Another one of my favorite parts, eating!!  We went to the Cracker Barrell!!  Randy said Jillian wanted him to wear his cowboy hat.  I can't complain since all his other hats are pretty gross looking!

Me and Jillian missed each other!  We ate biscuits and cornbread together!  She likes jelly and I prefer honey!

That night Jillian and her daddy went camping!  Not sure where she learned what camping is, 'cause I sure didn't tell her about it.  I prefer the comfort of a mattress thank you!

Even though they did look pretty comfy in there.  I think Randy's sitting in a hole.

Jo-Jo and I stayed inside while the boys were sleeping and finished up the clothes for the consignment sell.  About an hour later, here came Jillian.  She decided that was enough camping for one night.

On Sunday's we usually try to get together with my dad, Jillian and Wyatt's PaPa, for a meal.  This Sunday since we were going to the fair and PaPa had a late tee time, we had lunch together at the Homamade Pie and Ice Cream Shoppe.  They have deli sandwiches and chips for lunch, rather tasty.

And who could go there without dessert, not Jillian.  PaPa let her pick out what she wanted.  Her pick a MONSTER cookie.

Then off to Louisville for the State Fair.  Where you'll see any thing and every thing you want to see and well things you probably could have gone without seeing.  (It is Kentucky!)

Jillian loved the petting zoo.  There were mini horses, pigs, a goat, chickens, little ducks, a few calves and a mini donkey, who had a sign on his pin that said may bite.  Nice, how do you tell a 3 year old she can't pet an animal at the petting zoo?  Naw, she was fine, and he didn't even come near her.

She loved the calf.  He would stick his long gray sand paper like tongue out and lick ya.  She thought this was so funny, that every time he did it she would laugh real loud and jerk her hand away from him.

We all climbed in the play tractor cab for a pic.

Jillian kept saying, I don't think it's going anywhere.  I tried to tell her it didn't really drive, but she was just too cute trying to figure it out.

I think Randy enjoyed more than Wyatt, I mean look at that face.  He is loving that he's going to have a son to share these things with.

So, I wasn't quite sure how this was going to go but I thought we'd give it a try.  Face painting.

This lady was great.  She first drew on Jillian's arm so she had an idea of what it felt like.  She sat real still, I was in shock, and just kept taking pics, to capture this moment.  She picked out the Cute Kitty, pink of course, with sparkles, because every kitty has sparkles. 


This is our double stroller, the mack daddy of all strollers.  It's huge, but it works well for 2 kids, with the toddler seat holding up to 50lbs.  We used it for the baby boys since it will hold 2 car seats.  With that being said, if I only had a dime for every time someone walked by and said "Oh look, twins", I would have wad of cash in my pocket!!  What was really funny was when we would say, no they're 4 months apart.  Try and figure that one out!!!

Oh and the food.  It's not the fair with out some fried food.  This year's specialty was Deep Fried Derby Pie, and Deep Fried Cherry Kool-Aide.  Still haven't figured out that last one.

We did however partake in the Deep Fried Derby pie.  Derby pie is the official pie of KY, and it's really good, but really bad for you.  So why not make it worse, it sure tasted good.  With powered sugar and raspberry drizzle.  Don't forget the lemonade, it was just okay.  They make it in your cup and it just wasn't cold enough for my liking, but it served its purpose.

By the end of the day we were warn out and apparently the kiddos were too.  All three of them were knocked out!  But what a great way to the end the day.   Jillian and Noah asleep in their strollers and Wyatt in his moby.


Happy Tuesday Everyone.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dinner Time is Family Time

As a child growing up, we always had dinner together as a family at the table.  I love this tradition, and have carried it on with my own family.  It is so wonderful to come together and share food, smiles, laughs and great conversation about our day.  Not that I want my kids to grow up fast, but I can't help but imagine the days when they're in school and can tell us about what they learned that day!  Maybe I'm a little June Cleaver but I just love it!

Wyatt is not eating solids yet, but he just loves sitting in his highchair like a big boy, can't ya tell!!  I put a suction toy on the tray and he just watches us and tries to join in the conversation!

Miss Jillian now has a booster-big girl seat.  So she sits up just as tall as mommy and daddy, with out a highchair or a tray!  She loves to steal mommy and daddy's sweet tea, that's my girl, I mean who could blame her, it's good stuff!

And the Daddy, well he's just happy to eat!  Can't ya tell by his cheesy grin!  Me, well I'm behind the camera of course, good thing too, no make up on, yikes!!  Have a great weekend, I know we will!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To Pee or not to Pee...That is the question

Okay, so I've been contemplating on whether or not to post about this for a while, but here goes.  Reason being,  one, Jillian will want to shot me when she's gets older and two, well I'm a little embarrassed that we're not there yet.  Fully potty trained that is.  Jillian has been interested and obsessed with the potty for quite some time now, but hasn't really caught on, yet.  I did read on circle of mom's the other day that it is still normal for a 3 year old not to be fully potty trained, so that made me feel some what better.

At first she would sit on the potty but nothing.  Then it was a screaming, crying match when we tried, so I backed off.  The pediatrician said not to push her, this was at her 2 year old appointment.  Now she's 3, and well, I'm kinda pushing.  I mean come on already, momma doesn't want 2 in diapers!!  Well pull-ups, but whatever.  We have finally adapted a schedule of taking her to potty every two hours, whether she likes it or not!  This works, she almost always goes, and most of the time stays dry in between.  Now, if we were to say wait or forget to take her to potty, then she will wet herself.

We have tried everything.  She has a potty chart, a big desk calendar, on the fridge, and ever time she goes, she gets to put a princess sticker on that day.  The most she's gotten is 6 in one day.  She also gets one M&M every time she goes.  These rewards kind of work.  We have also tried the pantie thing.  You know where you let them run around with panties on so that when they pee they'll feel it and not do it again.  NOPE, didn't work, and might I add, I hate cleaning up pee in the carpet!  Even potty time dvd's and books, Elmo's potty time is her favorite dvd and Princess of the potty, her fav. book!  She watches me go, and I usually always take her with me, so she would understand more.

My biggest concern is, will she ever tell me when she has to go?  I mean she has to eventually right?  Everyone says it just happened with their kid, like they just decided they would start going potty.  Well that's not our case.  She does at least get it now.  As soon as her little bum hits the seat, if she has to go, she pee's.  And she's very proud of it!

 See I told ya she's gonna want to shoot me!  But see how proud she is to pee-pee.

So any of you out there have any advice on the matter.  How do I get her to tell me when she has to go.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet the sista

If someone had told me as a kid that I would grow up and be best friends with my sister, I would have said they were crazy.  I mean I liked her in all but we fought, all the time, like siblings do.  As we grew up and got out on our own, we actually grew closer together.   And now we are, BEST friends.  I mean the best!  Not only is she my sister, my family, but she's my best girlfriend.  The one I tell everything too.  My confidant.  The one I call if I've had a bad day or need to vent over my husband being a man!  I can't tell you how strong our bond is, and now that she's a momma we have so much more in common.  She helps me do anything and everything.  She goes everywhere with me and lives with me on the weekend.

She loves my kiddo's and boy  they love her too.  I remember telling her when she was preggers that I hoped her son would love me as much as Jillian loves her, she's crazy over her Jo-Jo.  She stayed the night with me in the hospital when I had my son, so that my husband could me at home with our daughter.  She laughs with me and she cry's with me.

My Mom, Jordan and I at a Wedding
When our mother passed away, she was the one person in this world who knew exactly what I was feeling, 'cause she felt it too.  There is nothing more comforting in this world than that!

Those were the days

We like to think of this one as our Charmed photo
We were all very close, and made sure we always spent Sundays together.  She made us girls and made us sisters.  For that I am extremely grateful!
Beach babes..lol

We even go on vacation's together.  You can't tell here but she was 4 months pregnant, rocking out that maternity swimsuit.  We have so much fun together!
She even gave me an experience of a lifetime, sharing with her and her husband, the birth of her son.  I was so proud of her.
She wasn't able to watch my son's birth since I had a c-section, but she was there that morning, bright and early, before she had to go to work, and then came back that evening and stayed and helped me!

I love ya Sis, and thanks for always being there for me.  I couldn't have asked for a better sister, friend and aunt for my children!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Consignment Sale Woes

Miss Jillian has grown so fast that we have gone through clothes like crazy.  She is a 3 year old wearing size 5.  I know right!!  So that being said I spent a lot of money on clothes in the last 3 years.  I kept everything of hers in the event my second child was a girl.  Well HE'S not!  That left me with a ton of clothes.  You know those sterlite containers, yeah, we had at least 10-12 of the BIG ones full of her clothes packed away by size, all nice and neat.  Until.....I decided to take them all to a children's consignment store in Louisville.  We, my husband and I, me preggers, packed them all into the store, left for a few hours, came back and they still weren't done going through them!  They unmatched outfits and through the clothes back in to different sterlites, leaving a mess.
Long story short, I made a little over a hundred dollars and still came back with the same number of sterlites I started with, not all of them being full!  I then took them to the other stores in various parts of Louisville, trying to get rid of what I could.  Still coming home with over half of what I started with!

lots 4 tots
This past spring I stumbled upon a do it yourself consignment sale, Lots 4 Tots.  It is held twice a year, and the best part is you set your own prices.  It is a 3 day sale, and at the end you have a check for the amount you sold, you can make up to 80%.  I only make 70% because I can't volunteer, I just don't have the time.  Great right.....well almost!  It is a great sale, but it takes a lot of preparation, especially if you have as much stuff as I do!

First comes the sorting of the clothes size, gender and season, and trying to make as may outfits as possible because sets sell better than singles.  This one in September is the Fall/Winter sale, so no summer clothes.  Although this year they are taking shorts and tee shirts.  Then, entering the items in the computer, they have a really great program that makes it easy.  The next part is what I really dread!  You have to safety pin each item and price tag to a coat hanger.  The clothes have to hang so that the top of the hanger points left, like a question mark, and the tags have to be pinned on the right shoulder.  SHEW!!
I totally get why they have you do it this way, the clothes won't fall off this way and they all look nice if hung up, but man it is a lot of work!!

I am down to wire, I only have until August 29th to enter all my items, they take anything for babies/kids and I have somethings I'm not using this time around so I figure I'll sell them too!  So my living room is a mess right now, with no less than 8 sterlites behind the couch and clothes on the coffee table.

 I will have some help this weekend, my LOVELY sister is coming down and is a BIG help, she helped me with the spring sale.  Yes she is reading this...LOVE YOU SIS!!  Pray that I get done in time!

It's also a great place to shop for gently used clothes and like I said any baby/kid item you can think of.  The sale starts Thursday September 1st and Friday the 2nd:  10am-7pm
Saturday the 3rd (half price day): 8am-1pm.

The sale is held at the Shelby County Fairgrounds in the Floral Hall building (they will have signs and balloons at the entrance directing you to the correct building).  Its very easy to get to.   1513 Midland Trail, Shelbyville, KY. 40065.

If your local, come out and see what you can find for a great deal.  I love me some good deals, especially now that I have 2 kids to buy for!!