Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dinner Time is Family Time

As a child growing up, we always had dinner together as a family at the table.  I love this tradition, and have carried it on with my own family.  It is so wonderful to come together and share food, smiles, laughs and great conversation about our day.  Not that I want my kids to grow up fast, but I can't help but imagine the days when they're in school and can tell us about what they learned that day!  Maybe I'm a little June Cleaver but I just love it!

Wyatt is not eating solids yet, but he just loves sitting in his highchair like a big boy, can't ya tell!!  I put a suction toy on the tray and he just watches us and tries to join in the conversation!

Miss Jillian now has a booster-big girl seat.  So she sits up just as tall as mommy and daddy, with out a highchair or a tray!  She loves to steal mommy and daddy's sweet tea, that's my girl, I mean who could blame her, it's good stuff!

And the Daddy, well he's just happy to eat!  Can't ya tell by his cheesy grin!  Me, well I'm behind the camera of course, good thing too, no make up on, yikes!!  Have a great weekend, I know we will!!


  1. That is a perfect example of one happy family! Deb

  2. I love that you all are able to do that. I remember that when we were growing up too. I look forward to the winter when we are able to eat as a family!

  3. I love the nights here when we all come together and eat as a famiy! They are few and far between but that makes them all the more special!!


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