Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend Events

This past weekend was another crazy busy yet fun filled weekend.  First up was lunch with the sista, then to the salon for a haircut, Jo-Jo's that is, I had mine done 2 weeks ago.  She had it straightened after her cut.  This is when we look the most a like, besides the different hues!

Then we stopped by my Memmaw Helen's for the boys to nurse and catch up a little.  The boys played/wined while we talked.  They weren't really winy, but Wyatt wasn't amused by my photo shoot!
                                                    But little Noah though I was funny!!

Ooh, one of my favorite parts next.  PEDICURES!!!  As a mommy and a woman, I try to pamper myself at least every other month or so with a pedicure.  It is so relaxing and makes my feet and toes flip flop worthy.

Noah couldn't figure out 1. what the man was doing to mommy's feet and 2. why he couldn't get in the water.

Wyatt thought this man was pretty silly, he kept making faces at Wyatt!


Some pink polish to finish them off.  I tried to pick a fall color but pink is my color, no matter what season!

Us girls and the boys!  Randy said, this isn't right, the boys hanging out with the ladies and Jillian hanging out with me.  I said well honey, when you can produce milk then Wyatt is more then welcome to hang out with you all day.  Until then, he's pretty content with the mama!!

Another one of my favorite parts, eating!!  We went to the Cracker Barrell!!  Randy said Jillian wanted him to wear his cowboy hat.  I can't complain since all his other hats are pretty gross looking!

Me and Jillian missed each other!  We ate biscuits and cornbread together!  She likes jelly and I prefer honey!

That night Jillian and her daddy went camping!  Not sure where she learned what camping is, 'cause I sure didn't tell her about it.  I prefer the comfort of a mattress thank you!

Even though they did look pretty comfy in there.  I think Randy's sitting in a hole.

Jo-Jo and I stayed inside while the boys were sleeping and finished up the clothes for the consignment sell.  About an hour later, here came Jillian.  She decided that was enough camping for one night.

On Sunday's we usually try to get together with my dad, Jillian and Wyatt's PaPa, for a meal.  This Sunday since we were going to the fair and PaPa had a late tee time, we had lunch together at the Homamade Pie and Ice Cream Shoppe.  They have deli sandwiches and chips for lunch, rather tasty.

And who could go there without dessert, not Jillian.  PaPa let her pick out what she wanted.  Her pick a MONSTER cookie.

Then off to Louisville for the State Fair.  Where you'll see any thing and every thing you want to see and well things you probably could have gone without seeing.  (It is Kentucky!)

Jillian loved the petting zoo.  There were mini horses, pigs, a goat, chickens, little ducks, a few calves and a mini donkey, who had a sign on his pin that said may bite.  Nice, how do you tell a 3 year old she can't pet an animal at the petting zoo?  Naw, she was fine, and he didn't even come near her.

She loved the calf.  He would stick his long gray sand paper like tongue out and lick ya.  She thought this was so funny, that every time he did it she would laugh real loud and jerk her hand away from him.

We all climbed in the play tractor cab for a pic.

Jillian kept saying, I don't think it's going anywhere.  I tried to tell her it didn't really drive, but she was just too cute trying to figure it out.

I think Randy enjoyed more than Wyatt, I mean look at that face.  He is loving that he's going to have a son to share these things with.

So, I wasn't quite sure how this was going to go but I thought we'd give it a try.  Face painting.

This lady was great.  She first drew on Jillian's arm so she had an idea of what it felt like.  She sat real still, I was in shock, and just kept taking pics, to capture this moment.  She picked out the Cute Kitty, pink of course, with sparkles, because every kitty has sparkles. 


This is our double stroller, the mack daddy of all strollers.  It's huge, but it works well for 2 kids, with the toddler seat holding up to 50lbs.  We used it for the baby boys since it will hold 2 car seats.  With that being said, if I only had a dime for every time someone walked by and said "Oh look, twins", I would have wad of cash in my pocket!!  What was really funny was when we would say, no they're 4 months apart.  Try and figure that one out!!!

Oh and the food.  It's not the fair with out some fried food.  This year's specialty was Deep Fried Derby Pie, and Deep Fried Cherry Kool-Aide.  Still haven't figured out that last one.

We did however partake in the Deep Fried Derby pie.  Derby pie is the official pie of KY, and it's really good, but really bad for you.  So why not make it worse, it sure tasted good.  With powered sugar and raspberry drizzle.  Don't forget the lemonade, it was just okay.  They make it in your cup and it just wasn't cold enough for my liking, but it served its purpose.

By the end of the day we were warn out and apparently the kiddos were too.  All three of them were knocked out!  But what a great way to the end the day.   Jillian and Noah asleep in their strollers and Wyatt in his moby.


Happy Tuesday Everyone.


  1. Yea the fried kool aide....hmmm...not sure about that one. I had to laugh, I can just imagine you and Jordan saying "Nope, 4 months a part." and waiting for the looks on those people's faces. Haha! You all had a full weekend! Kinda sad that I had to miss the Kentucky State Fair...can't imagine that I can find anything like it in Ireland! :)

  2. A perfect recap of a great weekend. I had a great time and Noah did too! Yes, I think my favorite part of having the boys out together is having people ask that question and then get confused when we tell them the difference. I kinda wonder why people can't get that there are two women togethr with the babies so why couldn't we both be moms....of course that is assuming that people pay attention to that. Great weekend and great post!


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