Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Recap

Another crazy busy weekend went by, and what fun we had.  This weekend we enjoyed many things, the main one being family.  I LOVE my family, really love them.  I know most people do, but I really just can't get enough of them.  Saturday we went to The Black Family Reunion which is  my great grandmother Margret Janette Black Stiver's, who will be 91 years young this year, family.  She is my late mother's grandmother, and my grandfather's mother.  Whew, did you get all that!

The reunion is usually held in a building at the park, but this year someone offered up their home.  It was great, they had a big in ground pool, a trampoline, swing set, corn hole set, and lots of canopy tents set up with fans since it was in the 90's.  Everyone brought a dish, and we had some great food, all kinds of casseroles, salads and sinful desserts!

What a pair!
Floating girl
Me and my sis and the boyz
The family that swims together stays wet together!
The swim babes

Saturday night we went to my Memmaw Helen's house for dinner.  My Aunt Libby and Uncle Steve came in from Delaware with their four kiddos, and my Uncle Scott, from Tennessee and his daughter, (my cousin) Cynthia, her husband Dwayne and their son Chase also from Tennesse.  My dad and his fiance came as well as my sister/bestie Jo-Jo, formerly know as Jordan, but Jillian changed that, and her son, Noah.  It was a great evening, filled with delicious food( Memmaw can sure cook), warm hugs and loud laughter.   After eating dinner we all enjoyed The Homade Pie and Ice Cream Shop's pies, my favorite being the dutch caramel apple! 
Me and my cuz!

Wanna play ball  with me?
 Sunday was another great family filled day.  First church, where I got to see one of my childhood friends who is in the military, and recently got engaged, so excited for them!  Second off to Tumbleweed where we had lunch with the whole family while the 2 baby boys slept!  Then my sis and I hung out with our aunt and uncle, getting ice cream, and checking out my dad and his finance's new house, well old house new to them.  Very new since they are basically remodeling the whole thing, it looks great.  We finished off the night with a late dinner at the local truck stop, oh yeah we went all out, McDonald's!!

We had such a wonderful  weekend, I'm ready for the next one!!  Have a great week!!

I dare you not to smile!


  1. Sounds like lots of fun/bonding time for all of you!

  2. Had a great time with the family too. Love all the pictures! Dad and Ann's house really is starting to look good, I have to say that I was impressed. Can't wait to spend time with you all this weekend.


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