Friday, February 24, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

Yay for the weekend!!  We have a 5 day weekend this week, so we are super excited!  We had a pretty good week and as always some great laughs.  Here are my top 5 laughs from the week!

1. Jillian and Wyatt have really grown closer this week.  I'm not sure if it's because he's so mobile now or what, but he does follow her everywhere.  Last night we were all in my room and I was trying on swimsuits for our trip when I noticed both kids were gone!  I quickly got dressed and went across the house to find them in the bathroom together with the door shut.  Jillian's response, "we're just playing!"

2. Wyatt man has learned to wave!  When we were leaving Preschool Thursday, I told Jillian to tell everyone bye, and Wyatt just went to town waving bye and laughing!  We all got a big kick out of it!

3. Jillian loves "playing" with our cats!  One day she found some of my scrap fabric and put it on LeLuh.  Jillian said, "She's styling" and "she looks fabulous!"  Girlfriend loves to dress up!

4. Wyatt found a balloon belonging to sister.  He. Loves. It!  It makes me soo nervous though!  He squeezes it, pinches it and even tries to bite.  Don't worry I watch him close.  Every time he goes to bite it I tell him no, Wyatt no.  He'll jump, stop biting it and look at me with those sad puppy dog eyes and start to cry.  It's so pitiful but so funny at the same time!

5. This one is from a friend.  A friend of ours son goes to preschool with Jillian.  His mom asked him the other day if Jillian still cried during the day.  He said, "No mommy, she doesn't, she's plays now"!  I though it was so cute.  And she is doing so much better!!

I love writing these posts and remebering all the funny and cute things my kids do and say.  If you have funny things that you want to share, come link up with Melissa at The Mommyhood Chronicles!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wyatt @ 9 months

Wyatt turned 9 months old on February 13th, last Monday.  Nine months, wow, it's so hard to even fathom that in 3 months we will celebrate his 1st birthday.  I'm so not ready for that, even though I am constantly planning in my head his party!


Happy, happy, happy.  All. The. Time!!  I love it!  Our world is such a joyful place with Wyatt in it.  He and Jillian are getting closer and seeing her with him, making him laugh and giggle, makes my job as a mom such a privilege!  Wyatt is such a laid back, easy going little dude.  Nothing much seems to phase him, except for when his cousin Noah attts him!  Or if we leave the room with out him.  Otherwise, he can sit and play and entertain himself.


I haven't taken him for his 9 month check up yet, but we did have to take Jillian to the doctor last week so we weighed little man while we were there.  Are you ready for this, he weighs 25.5 lbs, and is 32 inches long.  He is growing out of his 12 month clothes and into size 18 to 24 month clothes.  I thought Jillian grew fast, this boy is flying through the clothes!  Hello consignment sales!!  He is still wearing size 3 in diaper and size 2 in shoes, when he wears them.


These days it seems Wyatt makes his own schedule!  With two new sitters and staying home with Daddy some, he doesn't take his bottle well.  Both my kids did this.  I'm not sure if it's a mommy's milk kind of thing or that he just doesn't want to take a bottle from them, who knows?  He still nurses about every four hours when with me.  Still eating baby food but has grown an absolute love for everything I or his daddy eats!  So we share.  This month he's had all kinds of real food.  Lots of veggies, chicken, noodles, and even some pancakes.


Wyatt finally learned a new trick, crawling, but it's more of a crawl/hop. So cute and so mobile!
New words: Uh Oh, Bye Bye
He sticks his tongue out
Mocks you when you cough real or fake
He can get up from laying down
He has 6 teeth total, 4 on top, 2 on bottom
He dances, (sitting down) when he hears music
And he can wave, when he wants too!

Here's the first video I took when I realized he was crawling.  The exact day he turned 9 months!  It's a little blurry, not sure why, except it was on my iphone and I took several in a row.

Baby boy, you are growing up so fast, I can hardly believe it.  It really just seems like yesterday when I had you.  I am so proud of the little guy you are and are growing into.  You make our lives so happy, not a day goes by that we don't smile because of you!  You make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time.  I love you so much little guy!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Make My Monday

Nobody likes Mondays, am I right?!? Starting today I am linking up for Make My Monday with Kelly, my real life friend and Jess her blogger friend!

 Mommy’s Sippy Cup

Today's question: Use one word to describe yourself.

Me: Passionate...I am so passionate about so many things. My kids, my family, my career, my friends and my life!

Life: Blessed...I am so blessed to have a loving husband, 2 wonderful, healthy children, a supportive and loving family, great friends and a job I love!

Love: Fierce...My sister gave me this word, and I agree. I love with all my heart and try not hold it back!

Body: Curvy...At least for now! I am working on losing the baby weight. Not as easy as the first time around but I know it's possible. Plus I'm a breast feeding momma!

Cooking: least that's what my family tells me. These days I don't get to do as much as I should but with 2 kids and a full time job, it's just not that easy! But I'm working on it!

Career: Busy...I have a couple of these. Wife, mom, housekeeper and office manager at a vet clinic. I love them all!

Hobby: Fulfilling...I love to craft, make bows and tutus, my newest craft! It makes me feel great to be able to say I made that!!

Style: Casual...I am a mommy of two who has not lost all the baby weight but still trying. So not everything fits just yet!

Blog: Diary...not really a describing word but thats what this is, a diary or a journal documenting my kids and our day to day life. Helping me and them to remember all these great memories we're making!

Home: Homey...Not really sure if that's a word or not but it's our home that we've created an it may not be clean or tidy all the time but it sure is homey!

This was fun and much needed on this Monday, come link up!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

Yay for the weekend!! Here are my top 5 laughs from the week!

1. Thursday was the 2 year anniversary of my mom's death. We took the kids to the cemetery and I tried explaining to Jillian that we could talk to GiGi even though she was in heaven and she said "well maybe we could use a pogo stick to get up there, (heaven)". If only we could!!

2. I finally lowered Wyatt's crib and took the bumper pad off, I know I was suppose to do that a long time ago. The next morning he woke up and started screaming, I rushed into his room to find his chunky little leg stuck in between the slats! We now have a breathable bumper pad on!

3. Tuesday night we attend Jillian's preschool Valentine dance. Jillian went right to the dance floor and I nursed Wyatt. Later Randy told me that our friend Brandi said Jillian was tearing it up out there. Jillian over heard Randy and said "I didn't tear it up!".

4. Wyatt has 6 teeth and wants to use them. Any and every time I have food he wants it too. He lets me know by squealing at me to share!!

5. Jillian has never been a has to be clean kid but the one morning I was eating a pancake and asked her if she wanted a bite and she said,"no, my face will get dirty!"

I love the all these funny things my kids do and say!  If you have funny things you wanna share come link up with us at The Mommyhood Chronicles!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Letter to Jillian #3

Dear Jillian,

Two years ago today your GiGi passed away.  I remember the day as if it were yesterday, though some parts are a blur.  It was Tuesday, Februry 16th and I was at work.  Monday it had snowed a lot and was pretty slick out that morning, I didn't go to work.  I cleaned GiGi's house on Monday's in the afternoon, so we bundled up and headed on our way.  By this point GiGi was in a hospital bed in the living room, in a comatose state, a really deep sleep.  I remember still trying to vacuum and clean the floors around all our family friends.  GiGi would have wanted it that way.  One of our family friends pulled me aside in the kitchen.  She said she didn't want to upset me but needed to ask me a question.  I told her to go ahead, I would be okay.  She then asked me if I wanted to be with GiGi when she passed.  I really didn't even have to think about it that hard,  my answer was no.  I had seen her go through enough.  She was a nurse and knew that it was a matter of time, maybe even hours.  I guess thinking back now, I knew too, but still couldn't wrap my head or my heart around it.  I don't think I would have ever been ready.  When we left that night I kissed GiGi, told her I loved her and goodbye, you did the same.
Tuesday morning came and I went to work.  I hadn't been there very long when PaPa called.  He was very emotional.  He told me through heavy tears that GiGi was no longer with us.  He wanted me to call someone to pick me up and come home.  I only remember crying and sobbing while my co-workers tried to console me and offered their arms for hugs.  I called Memmaw and Gp and asked them if they could come and get me, so that I didn't have to drive, and they did.
When we got to the house I looked into the living room to see GiGi laying in the bed, very peaceful.  No heavy breathing no pain, just her laying in peace.  PaPa held me for awhile, and we talked.  Soon after Jo-Jo came home.  She walked through the door not knowing that GiGi had passed, we hugged and we cried and we held each other for the longest time.  We all went down stairs and just comforted each other.  PaPa was there, Memmaw and GP, Mammaw Helen, JoJo and Uncle Andy and our preacher, Dave.
It was probably the hardest day of Mommy's life.  I think at some point the tears stopped because there were no more tears to cry.  But we had each other and that was the most important thing.  And the peace in knowing that GiGi was in heaven.  She was pain free.  No more medicines, no more hospital and doctor's visit.  She was at peace.  And that Jillian is what we had to remember.  Still to this day I have to remind myself of that.  I get very selfish sometimes and want her back.  But I know that God has a plan for us all and this is his plan for us.

I try to talk to GiGi when I can.  Usually in the car before I pick you and your brother up.  One time I really wanted to talk to her and you were in the car so I asked you to talk to her with me and you said okay.  You repeated me word for word, saying things like, We miss you GiGi, and We love you GiGi.  I'm not sure if you understand where she is or how much you remember her.  But I try to tell you about her and remind you of the great times you shared.
Jillian, if I could talk to GiGi face to face or even on the phone, I would tell her all about you and your baby brother.  I would tell her how proud I am of you and how much you've grown into a little lady.  I would tell her about all the funny and cute things you say and do, and tell her how beautiful you are inside and out! I would tell her that you got her love of dance.  I would also tell her that she taught me everything I needed to know, I know she worried about that.  But she did.  She taught me to be the woman and the mommy that I am today.  Sometimes I'm not sure how she did it, and I think to myself she must have really loved us, all of us.  Especially you Miss Jillian.  In your GiGi's eyes, you hung the moon.  We were so blessed that she got to be with us and you for as long as she was.  We will always miss her and always remember all the great memories we made.

One of the last pictures taken of GiGi
GiGi will forever be in hearts.  I miss her so much, words can't even express.  But I have you and your brother to be a mommy too and for that we owe to GiGi!

I love you Jillian!


Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  We all had a great day.  

Jillian had her first dance tonight.  Her preschool held a Valentine Dance for the kids and their families.

I made her a pink and red tutu!  It was so cute on her, and she LOVED it!!

Girlfriend broke it down!!  She had a booty shaking good time!

Boogied down with her daddy.

And a little slow dancing too!

Wyatt and I did a little dancing too.  It was so funny to hear songs that I have danced to many of times.  Love Shack, The Electric Slide, The Cha Cha Slide, and Get Down Tonight!

We all had a blast.  It was over way too soon!  Great Valentine's Day!  Hope yours was too!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Date Night

I'm skipping this weeks Flashback Friday, because I'm so excited we're going out tonight! Having two kids now makes it a little bit harder to go out just the two of us, so this is a real treat!

Memmaw and GP are watching the kiddos, while Randy and I go to dinner and a movie. Nothing fancy, probably a restraunt with a buffet so we can eat fast and get to an early movie. I would like to nurse Wyatt before we go since I don't get to nurse him during the day and because, well, I just don't enjoy pumping! An early movie because, well we're old, kind of, and we don't want to keep the kids out of bed to late.

My movie of choice The Vow! A romantic comedy starring Rachel McAdams, (The Notebook, my all time fav romance movie), and Channing Tatum, (Step Up & Dear John)! Both great actors and great looking too!

What about you, do you have big Valentine plans?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mid-week updates

I've been playing with my blog this week and moving things around, so I've gotten a little behind on posting!  We've had several things going on around here and I thought I'd share.

 Last week I had some major concerns about Jillian and Preschool, if you didn't get a chance, you can read about them here.  I called to express my concerns to the lady in the office and she suggested a conference with Jillian's teacher.
 I was so nervous, but anxious at the same time.  And I really wasn't sure how things were going to go, but surprisingly I felt so much better afterwards.  She did inform me she wasn't the kind of teacher that "helps" the child to do something, instead she shows them how and gets them to do it.  I was afraid that this was a little harsh, but it does seem to work.
 She also asked if she could have Jillian screened for her speech, and I agreed. Jillian has been able to talk since she was very young, her first word was MaMa at only 5 1/2 months.  But for some reason her speech hasn't gotten very clear.  Sure, we can understand her and other people who have been around kids can understand her too.  What's funny is she has actually started speaking more clear in just the last 2 1/2 weeks being in Preschool.

Wyatt is so close to crawling, so close.  He gets in the position and rocks back in fourth but no go.  He sure can get around though.  Rolling and scooting backwards he's a pro at!  He can even get into his toy box if he wants, check out the pic below.

I finally made something this weekend!  Paci clips!  When Jillian was a baby, I ordered some on the internet, but realized they were pretty simple and I could make them myself.  With the help of my Memmaw, we made several even some I sold at craft shows.  But most of them girly, even the ones at the time I thought were boy like, I now would not put on my boy!  Here are the two I made for Wyatt and Noah.

A close up of my stitching!  My next project is a tutu for Jillian's school Valentine dance next week!  Fingers crossed it comes out well!!  I'll post when I get it finished!

I want to say Welcome, to all my new followers!!  And thanks to all for taking the time to read what I write!

Have a Great week!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday's Top Five Laughs

Here are my top 5 laughs from the week.

1. Wyatt can now say Uh Oh.  It is so funny!  In Wal-Mart yesterday he dropped his sippy cup and said "Uh-Oh"!!  It was funny and shocking at the same time, that he knew how to use it in context!

2. Jillian got up early this morning, our one day to sleep in.  She then proceeded to turn on the living room light which shines right into my bedroom, so I told her turn in off.  She started to pout and said "Mommy you hurt my feelings, you made me sad"!  I guess they have taught her about "feelings" in Preschool!  I apologized!

3. This past week every time I would go in Wyatt's room to get him up, he would be up on all fours like he was gonna his bed.  I guess he's just practicing!

4. While rocking Wyatt to sleep, I couldn't hear Jillian anywhere.  This is not a good thing.  So I hollered for her.  She came out of my room from my bathroom and had black eyeliner and powder or shadow all over her face.  I said what were you doing, (trying not to laugh), she says, "well I can't get my lipstick on"!!  Not sure if I should teacher that it really goes on your eyes or not, could be an even bigger mess, or a sore eye!!

5. Wyatt is a little bit of chunky monkey as you may know.  I laid him out clothes for Randy to dress him for the sitters.  He brought him into our room and Wyatt's shirt was riding up over his little round tummy.  Luckily he had a onesie on underneath, but I guess he won't be wearing that shirt anymore.  Next size up, 18 months!!

I just love writing these laughs!  If you have funny thing that happen and you want to share, come link up with us at The Mommyhood Chronicles!!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flashback Friday

I didn't start this blog until last year, so I didn't get to document Jillian's first few years.  At least not on here.  I was able to keep up with her baby book, so that's what I'll be using to help me "flashback" to those precious times.  This is first of many more to come, and I am so excited to share!

Jillian's due date was June 26th 2008, but she was very stubborn.  Four days past due I was induced.  Not ideal but I was miserable!!  After a very long labor, 22 hours and 1 1/2 hours of pushing, I just could not have her the way I wanted.  I cried when my doctor suggested a ceasern, but I also knew physically I could not push anymore.  At 6:13pm Jillian Paige was brought into this world.  She weighed 9lbs. 3oz. and was 21 1/4 inches long.

Jillian 4 days old

My sweet girl, July 5th, 2008

Momma baby time

We brought Jillian home on the Fourth of July a Friday, it was a very warm and sunny day.  I dressed Jillian in a white Calvin Kline onesie with pink lettering.  As I recall she slept the whole car ride home.  I'm pretty sure we stopped in Simpsonville and visited my work so I could show her off.  Memmaw and Gp brought over dinner and Aunt Kimmie stayed the night with us.  The next day we had more visitors, Mammaw Helen and Aunt Vicky and Uncle Scott.  He took the pictures above.  We had our own mini newborn photo shoot.  Later that evening our good friends Cassie and Matt came over to hold Jillian.  Cassie was also pregnant and due only a few months later.

A few facts from the year 2008 when she was born:

The president: George W. Bush
Hit movies: The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull
Favorite tv shows: Gray's Anatomy, American Idol, DWTS, and Desperate Housewives.  (all I still watch to this day!)
Popular songs: Waiting on a Woman-Brad Paisley, Put a Girl in it-Brooks and Dunn
Best Selling Book: Stori Telling by Tori Spelling
Gas per Gallon: $3.89, which was really high for that year (again that's what it is now 3 1/2 years later, still too high)
Postage stamp: $.42
Movie Ticket: $7.50
Diapers: $20 for 100 count

I can remember feeling so in love that I couldn't take me eyes of that little baby.  I would sit and hold her all day long!!  She was so precious and we all swooned over her.  What a blessed day when Miss Jillian was born!