Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Date Night

I'm skipping this weeks Flashback Friday, because I'm so excited we're going out tonight! Having two kids now makes it a little bit harder to go out just the two of us, so this is a real treat!

Memmaw and GP are watching the kiddos, while Randy and I go to dinner and a movie. Nothing fancy, probably a restraunt with a buffet so we can eat fast and get to an early movie. I would like to nurse Wyatt before we go since I don't get to nurse him during the day and because, well, I just don't enjoy pumping! An early movie because, well we're old, kind of, and we don't want to keep the kids out of bed to late.

My movie of choice The Vow! A romantic comedy starring Rachel McAdams, (The Notebook, my all time fav romance movie), and Channing Tatum, (Step Up & Dear John)! Both great actors and great looking too!

What about you, do you have big Valentine plans?


  1. yah for date night!! I want to see that movie too!

  2. I am glad you all got to go out and have a date night. I know you all never get to do that.


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