Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Party

OMG, I just found this post! I'm so behind evidently!! This was our annual fall party. All of our friends come over and eat chili, paint pumpkins, drink cider and hit chocolate and have a good time! Enjoy the pics!!

Wordless Wednesday-Halloween Part One

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Dorman Center Carnival

A few weeks ago, The Dorman Center, where my kids go to school, had a carnival.  

We had such a blast!  The weather was perfect and the kids enjoyed themselves!

There was face painting.

And horse races!

Jillian wasn't too sure about this part, but she got the hang of it!

Inflatables and slides, Oh My!

The Dorman kids got to play for free, but guests bought tickets, very cheap, and that money went toward the Dorman Center funding.

Oh, geez mom, not again!!  We even enjoyed carnival food!  Hamburgers, hot dogs and cotton candy!

The girls loved the homemade cotton candy!

It really looked like pink clouds!

They also had pumpkin painting and tons of carnival games to play!

Wyatt thought it was cool to run in the wide open field.

They also had a pie in the face contest.  You paid to pie a teacher!  This one is Jillian's teacher, Ms. Amanda!

The end result!  Jillian wanted me to pie her but I just couldn't do it!  But my niece Shelby did!

Then Jillian pied Mrs. Debbie, another teacher!

And this one is Wyatt's teacher!  
Ms. Debbie!

Our local fire department came out, and let the kids check out the fire truck!  Jillian liked the fireman's helmet!

They gave out fireman hats and little sticker badges!  Very cool!

The kids and all of us had a great time.  My sister and Noah joined us.  As well as my SIL and niece Shelby and NeNe and Pappaw David.  I love all these wonderful activities their school has, as well as all the wonderful teachers and volunteers that help put this on.  All the proceeds went to The Dorman Center.  This helps them make this wonderful school possible!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I just had to share something that happened to my kids and I yesterday.  We went to KFC for dinner Wednesday night before Jillian's dance class.  I sat them down while I went and ordered our food.  As I past through the end of the line I noticed two young children who were close to my kids ages even a girl and a boy.  But what I mainly noticed was how unruly they were acting, and how the parents were not only at different tables than they're children but that they weren't even paying attention to them.  Now I'm a parent of 2 and of course my children get out of hand and can get a little loud every now and then.  But you better bet that I'll be on them.  I don't take to well to being embarrassed, just ask my family!  As I sat there with my 2 young children, I was so proud at how well they were behaving.  They were eating their food and sitting still. I kind of had a moment, it was pretty awesome.  Just then as the unruly children and their parents left an elderly woman came up to me and my children and said, " I want to complement you on how well behaved your children are."  I just know I was grinning from ear to ear, and beaming with pride and joy!  I told her that we try and that they have their moments!  She kind of snickered and said, "well, apparently some people don't even try."  She went on to talk to my kids and I, and I continued to be one proud Momma!  I had to brag and of course I had to document this!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's another surprise

This post is about a month old.  For 2 reasons, 1.  I have been super busy and haven't had the time to post it and, 2.  My best friends birthday is actually today!  Happy Birthday Cassie!!

Like our styling outfits!!  I, along with some help of my sister's, threw Cassie a surprise 31st, 80's themed birthday party!!  The best part.....she had absolutely, no earthly idea!!

I even found this totally 80's dress at the goodwill!

Our crew, and our kiddo's.  Most of them.  There were a few missing.  Wow girls!!  Can you believe we have all those and more.  Silly but I love this picture, it means so much to have my long time friends and their kids in my life!

I found our 80's outfits at Target, leggings and all!!

My sis-in-law, ordered the fake Raybans from ebay.

Cassie's Mom was nice enough to lend me some old pictures of Cassie and of course I had a ton.  So I made 4 different banners of pictures!  One of my favorite parts!

Purple and neon colors were everywhere.  And apparently post it's were invented in the 80's, so I let the kids go crazy and put post it's every where.  I think they even put one on the dog!

Here she is sans the post it, but sporting her Raybans!!

A splatter painted, neon rainbow cake for the birthday girl!

Make a wish, and make it a good one!!

Love making this cake!  It looks awesome and tastes good too.  Tutorial soon to come!

We danced the night away!  A little line dancing and some cha cha slide!

My little man, he ate the candy!  And loved every bite, until he dropped it all.  Darn!

The girls of course, helped her open her gifts.  They're so sweet!  It was a great party, and a great surprise!  I love to party plan but love it more when everyone has such a good time!

Happy Birthday Cass!!  We love you!!

I'm actually planning another party as I type.  Our annual It's Fall Ya'll party!  But before that I get to stand by my Dad as he says I Do, to an amazing woman.  We are so blessed they are together and making us one big happy family!!  Details soon to come!