Friday, October 19, 2012

It's another surprise

This post is about a month old.  For 2 reasons, 1.  I have been super busy and haven't had the time to post it and, 2.  My best friends birthday is actually today!  Happy Birthday Cassie!!

Like our styling outfits!!  I, along with some help of my sister's, threw Cassie a surprise 31st, 80's themed birthday party!!  The best part.....she had absolutely, no earthly idea!!

I even found this totally 80's dress at the goodwill!

Our crew, and our kiddo's.  Most of them.  There were a few missing.  Wow girls!!  Can you believe we have all those and more.  Silly but I love this picture, it means so much to have my long time friends and their kids in my life!

I found our 80's outfits at Target, leggings and all!!

My sis-in-law, ordered the fake Raybans from ebay.

Cassie's Mom was nice enough to lend me some old pictures of Cassie and of course I had a ton.  So I made 4 different banners of pictures!  One of my favorite parts!

Purple and neon colors were everywhere.  And apparently post it's were invented in the 80's, so I let the kids go crazy and put post it's every where.  I think they even put one on the dog!

Here she is sans the post it, but sporting her Raybans!!

A splatter painted, neon rainbow cake for the birthday girl!

Make a wish, and make it a good one!!

Love making this cake!  It looks awesome and tastes good too.  Tutorial soon to come!

We danced the night away!  A little line dancing and some cha cha slide!

My little man, he ate the candy!  And loved every bite, until he dropped it all.  Darn!

The girls of course, helped her open her gifts.  They're so sweet!  It was a great party, and a great surprise!  I love to party plan but love it more when everyone has such a good time!

Happy Birthday Cass!!  We love you!!

I'm actually planning another party as I type.  Our annual It's Fall Ya'll party!  But before that I get to stand by my Dad as he says I Do, to an amazing woman.  We are so blessed they are together and making us one big happy family!!  Details soon to come!


  1. Happy bday to your friend. You guys are adorable!

  2. This was such a great party and surprise for Cassie as well! I think you might be right about missing your calling as a party planner. I love helping out with all the parties and can't wait for some more. Love ya sis!


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