Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I just had to share something that happened to my kids and I yesterday.  We went to KFC for dinner Wednesday night before Jillian's dance class.  I sat them down while I went and ordered our food.  As I past through the end of the line I noticed two young children who were close to my kids ages even a girl and a boy.  But what I mainly noticed was how unruly they were acting, and how the parents were not only at different tables than they're children but that they weren't even paying attention to them.  Now I'm a parent of 2 and of course my children get out of hand and can get a little loud every now and then.  But you better bet that I'll be on them.  I don't take to well to being embarrassed, just ask my family!  As I sat there with my 2 young children, I was so proud at how well they were behaving.  They were eating their food and sitting still. I kind of had a moment, it was pretty awesome.  Just then as the unruly children and their parents left an elderly woman came up to me and my children and said, " I want to complement you on how well behaved your children are."  I just know I was grinning from ear to ear, and beaming with pride and joy!  I told her that we try and that they have their moments!  She kind of snickered and said, "well, apparently some people don't even try."  She went on to talk to my kids and I, and I continued to be one proud Momma!  I had to brag and of course I had to document this!!

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  1. I have no clue how those parents could ignore them like that.......makes you wonder what they do at home! Your kids are very well behaved, I think mom taught us well!


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