Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Photo Shoot 2012

While I'm sitting here at the Oncologist Office with Randy, getting his third chemo treatment, I thought I'd share our family pics.  My brother in law, Jay, took the pics with his fancy new camera and I did all the editing!!  Hey, I've gotta take some of the credit!!

We took these pics out at Randy's dad's farm.  There are so many to share but I'll try not to overload you!

We're getting ready for a long weekend getaway!  We could really use it!!  I'll have lots of pics to share next week!!  Happy holiday weekend!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

- After working Saturday morning, my lovely sis brought me lunch and we headed to look at a horse!

Meet Freckles

- That's right, we have a new addition!! A friend of ours was needing to find a good home for her horse and Randy was wanting a horse of his own!

Dixie follows him around, so cute!

- We then did a little thrift store shopping with a good friend and her daughter! We found lots of great buys!! A Hampton Bay ceiling fan for $1, a kids b-ball goal for $1.50, and a brand new work out shirt with the tags still on it!! Along with an array of other things!

- After that we headed to a local Mexican restaurant and shared cheese dip and a few laughs or two!

These girls love each other!

- Sunday we went swimming. My dads girlfriend has one heck of a above ground pool and let us come over to swim! Our friend Kendra joined us and we all enjoyed the water!


Miss Jillian in her Mermaid Kingdom, as she calls it

Wyatt being a surfer dude

- Sunday night we called it a day earlier than usual and headed home to check on our new horse and relax before Monday.

I always love the weekends!!  Too bad they're so short!  But we do have a 3 day weekend coming up and we plan on getting away!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Little Fun

This past Saturday my Dad and his girlfriend Ame treated us to the Rascal Flatts concert at the Kentucky Sate Fair.  It. was. a. BLAST!!  We had so much fun and according to my Dad, he and Ame had fun just watching us!

Me and the hubbs, having a good time!

My Dad and his beautiful girlfriend, Ame!

On our way!

Jo-Jo and I posing before hand.  All cowgirled up!!

We had awesome good seats!  Like 7th row, good!!  These guys were wonderful. 

AND, Gary the lead singer for Rascal Flatts, spoke to me!!  It was from the stage, but still, so cool!!

That was how packed the stadium was.  Jammed packed full of people.

And yes, I totally ate that.  That's what they call the doughnut burger.  Two Krispy Creams with a hamburger patty in between.  Don't knock it 'till you try it!  It was delicious!!

Gary again!  These guys were so good and so funny!  They reminisced and tried to play as many of their songs as they could!

Jo-Jo and I, sung our hearts out!  Eli Young Band and Little Big Town opened up for Rascal Flatts, and did not disappoint!  Love both those bands and all their songs!  Crazy Girl and Pontoon, were some of my favorites.  We truly had a wonderful time!!  Thank you Ame and Dad so very much for this memorable night!  Never will forget this one!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Girls Night

My friends and I went out to dinner and bowling with a little kareokee, the Friday night before last.

 It was one fabulous night!!  We had dinner in Louisville at Olive Garden, and we shared a pitcher of Sangria and talked about our lives!!

We then traveled down the road to Kingpin Bowling Alley, where we bowled 2 games, both of which I lost, boo!!

Kimmie got the "special" shoes!!  They were different than all of ours!

I also had to ask if we could be moved to a different lane.  Here we were on a girls night and a group of kids get in the lane next to us and they took our balls!  Umm, no!  I asked very nicely and they moved us to the other side with no kiddos!

It was glow bowl!  They turned all the lights down and turned the black lights on!  Totally reminded me of my teenage years!

 They also have a lounge in the bowling alley where they do kareokee from 9pm to 1am! We sang two songs, the first one, I Want You To Want Me, mine and Cassie's favorite, and the Shoop Shoop song by Cher!  Okay so I love to sing, not that I'm that good but I love too.  I get super nervous but as long as my sister and friends sing with me I'm fine.  My sis Jo-Jo, she's a pro, she's been singing all her life.  My other two friends, yeah we practically had to drag them on stage.  And Kimmi, well she was sneaky and went to the bathroom right before they called us up.  By the second song she was raren to go up!  It got late and kareokee was ending so we headed out and drove back home, only to end up at Waffle House.  The coolest part was Dustin Lynch's band came in to eat.  They had been to a field party near by and stopped in our little town.  Dustin Lynch himself wasn't there but it was still cool.  Their first big single is Cowboys and Angels.

 We stayed out way too late, but had a blast of a time!  A much needed girls night out!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kiddo updates

We took Wyatt and Jillian to the pediatrician on Wednesday for their check ups. Wyatt's 15 month and Jillian's 4 year old check up. Surprise, surprise they were both off the charts in their percentiles!

Miss Jillian went first. She is 47 pounds and 44 inches tall.

She told the doctor her name and and that she was 3 years old. Then I reminded her that she was now 4 years old. Lol!! They pricked her finger and she had a melt down! Poor thing, she did not like that part at all!!

The doctor asked if she was eating her fruits and veggies and Jillian replied with, "yes but our vegetables are all gone.". She meant in the garden, they have all dried up!

Wyatt man was happy happy happy! Running around and being as noisy as possible.

He weighed a whopping 29.10 pounds and was 33 3/4 inches tall. Again, off the charts!  The doctor was impressed with his vocabulary, which I counted and he can say over 20 words! She also gave us the best news.....Wyatt does NOT have to be re-circumcised!!! Before she was pretty sure he needed surgery but not now, yay!

Both kids were healthy and of course growing just fine!!