Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

- After working Saturday morning, my lovely sis brought me lunch and we headed to look at a horse!

Meet Freckles

- That's right, we have a new addition!! A friend of ours was needing to find a good home for her horse and Randy was wanting a horse of his own!

Dixie follows him around, so cute!

- We then did a little thrift store shopping with a good friend and her daughter! We found lots of great buys!! A Hampton Bay ceiling fan for $1, a kids b-ball goal for $1.50, and a brand new work out shirt with the tags still on it!! Along with an array of other things!

- After that we headed to a local Mexican restaurant and shared cheese dip and a few laughs or two!

These girls love each other!

- Sunday we went swimming. My dads girlfriend has one heck of a above ground pool and let us come over to swim! Our friend Kendra joined us and we all enjoyed the water!


Miss Jillian in her Mermaid Kingdom, as she calls it

Wyatt being a surfer dude

- Sunday night we called it a day earlier than usual and headed home to check on our new horse and relax before Monday.

I always love the weekends!!  Too bad they're so short!  But we do have a 3 day weekend coming up and we plan on getting away!!


  1. Yes, we always have a great weekend! The thrift finds we're particularly great this time. I love the pic of the horses.....I wasn't sure how they were going to get along, but it looks like they will be best friends from that pic!

  2. Yes fun fun weekend! Thrift shopping again soon!


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