Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Girls Night

My friends and I went out to dinner and bowling with a little kareokee, the Friday night before last.

 It was one fabulous night!!  We had dinner in Louisville at Olive Garden, and we shared a pitcher of Sangria and talked about our lives!!

We then traveled down the road to Kingpin Bowling Alley, where we bowled 2 games, both of which I lost, boo!!

Kimmie got the "special" shoes!!  They were different than all of ours!

I also had to ask if we could be moved to a different lane.  Here we were on a girls night and a group of kids get in the lane next to us and they took our balls!  Umm, no!  I asked very nicely and they moved us to the other side with no kiddos!

It was glow bowl!  They turned all the lights down and turned the black lights on!  Totally reminded me of my teenage years!

 They also have a lounge in the bowling alley where they do kareokee from 9pm to 1am! We sang two songs, the first one, I Want You To Want Me, mine and Cassie's favorite, and the Shoop Shoop song by Cher!  Okay so I love to sing, not that I'm that good but I love too.  I get super nervous but as long as my sister and friends sing with me I'm fine.  My sis Jo-Jo, she's a pro, she's been singing all her life.  My other two friends, yeah we practically had to drag them on stage.  And Kimmi, well she was sneaky and went to the bathroom right before they called us up.  By the second song she was raren to go up!  It got late and kareokee was ending so we headed out and drove back home, only to end up at Waffle House.  The coolest part was Dustin Lynch's band came in to eat.  They had been to a field party near by and stopped in our little town.  Dustin Lynch himself wasn't there but it was still cool.  Their first big single is Cowboys and Angels.

 We stayed out way too late, but had a blast of a time!  A much needed girls night out!!

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  1. Yes, we did have a great girls night! It was so much fun to get out of the house. Love our girls nights and can't wait for the next........and for the millionth time, you are a very good singer, you just have some stage fright. Love ya sis!


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