Friday, August 17, 2012

Kiddo updates

We took Wyatt and Jillian to the pediatrician on Wednesday for their check ups. Wyatt's 15 month and Jillian's 4 year old check up. Surprise, surprise they were both off the charts in their percentiles!

Miss Jillian went first. She is 47 pounds and 44 inches tall.

She told the doctor her name and and that she was 3 years old. Then I reminded her that she was now 4 years old. Lol!! They pricked her finger and she had a melt down! Poor thing, she did not like that part at all!!

The doctor asked if she was eating her fruits and veggies and Jillian replied with, "yes but our vegetables are all gone.". She meant in the garden, they have all dried up!

Wyatt man was happy happy happy! Running around and being as noisy as possible.

He weighed a whopping 29.10 pounds and was 33 3/4 inches tall. Again, off the charts!  The doctor was impressed with his vocabulary, which I counted and he can say over 20 words! She also gave us the best news.....Wyatt does NOT have to be re-circumcised!!! Before she was pretty sure he needed surgery but not now, yay!

Both kids were healthy and of course growing just fine!!


  1. Glad they are both so healthy!! They are so stinkin' cute!

  2. Glad they are healthy! Love the last pic :)

  3. Oh my, they are both so adorable! Love Wyatt's chubbs :)

  4. Who knew that they would be off the I love them both and the pictures are so cute. That is funny, all the vegetables are gone! She always makes me laugh!

  5. HOLY MOLY I JUST ABOUT DIED FROM ALL THOSE CUTE PICTURES. Seriously, adorable! Great job mama. You have two really healthy kiddos on your hands!


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