Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a great but very busy weekend.  It seems like we are always on the go anymore.  I'm not sure if I just feel that way because I am slower now with two kids, I am always late, or if we really are that busy!  Either way we had a blast!
Our weekend started off with Saturday going to a friend's son's first birthday party.  We were late of course, the hubby had to work that morning and it takes a lot to get all three of us ready, baby boy is the easiest!!  I thought I knew where I was going but then realized nope I don't, so I had to get out the GPS, (best birthday present ever, thanks Dad)!  The party started at 1pm and was in Simpsonville, which is about 30 minutes from our house, (when I know where I'm going), so I stopped to get Jillian some McDonalds, her favorite, and of course the drive through was clear out to the road, I soo was not taking the two inside.  So we waited, while I went over the Tom Tom's directions.  Finally after many curvy roads and Jillians french fries dumped all over the floor of the car, we made it there!  Whew!!  Now to get in the house and get both kids all sunscreened up and undressed and dressed again, it was a pool/sprinkler party!  As we go to walk outside to the pool, one I forgot Wyatt's hat and had to hollar at my sister to get it, and two we walk past the grill with hamburgers and hotdogs.  Seriously, it never even dawned on me there would be food, I could have totally by passed McDonalds and just maybe been on time!!  Oh well!!  Jillian had a blast in the kiddie pool, playing in the sprinkler and bouncing. Wyatt, well he had fun sleeping, aw the life of a baby!

For our Saturday evening we went to an Empty Nest/Going Away Party for our close family/friends, Allie and Jess.  Ms. Allie is leaving for Ireland for business for 3 months  and Ms. Jessica is heading off to college.  That leaves Debbie and Wade, their parents, all by themselves in an empty nest!  It was a great evening outside in their backyard, with great food, Ms. Deb can sure cook, and we can't forget Wade on the grill, it was all delicious! We got to spend some time with the girls and socialize with friends.  Jillian and her daddy came later, she needed a nap in between parties, and she and her friend Ken played.  Deb had laid out a blanket and umbrella for the babies to play/lay on, but Jillian and Ken thought the umbrella was for them!

Sunday we go to church, and I keep the nursery.  I am a member of the church but I have kept the nursery since I was in college, and it just kinda stuck, it's my place to be, where God wants me!  I do love the children.  After church we, my sister and her baby, Noah, always go out for lunch and this Sunday our friends Kelly and Ken joined us.  Where, at McDonalds, of course (the girls picked)!  After that we went over to a friend of ours house where Allie and Jess met us and went swimming for most of the day.  I never took Jillian swimming as an infant, but this is Wyatt's second time in the pool and I think he kinda likes it!
Lunch at McDonalds
The Girls
Hope you all had a great weekend too!!  Have a GREAT week!!

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  1. I am happy you were able to join us for the "empty nest" party! As you know Allie left yesterday so I had a good cry, about that. Tell Jillian, we found Gus Gus out in the yard and I will take good care of him until I see you again. He is on my desk in the kitchen where I keep some of my favorite things. He may even inspire me to make a little mouse.
    There are lots of people that never feel lead by God to do something. You are lucky you have and feel the peace that comes from doing what you feel the Lord has called you to do. Mitch is lucky to have such wonderful girls, for daughters. When I think of all your mother would be doing with those grandchildren, I can't help but cry. We have to remind ourselves she is here, she is watching and she is only a thought away.


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