Thursday, August 18, 2011

Consignment Sale Woes

Miss Jillian has grown so fast that we have gone through clothes like crazy.  She is a 3 year old wearing size 5.  I know right!!  So that being said I spent a lot of money on clothes in the last 3 years.  I kept everything of hers in the event my second child was a girl.  Well HE'S not!  That left me with a ton of clothes.  You know those sterlite containers, yeah, we had at least 10-12 of the BIG ones full of her clothes packed away by size, all nice and neat.  Until.....I decided to take them all to a children's consignment store in Louisville.  We, my husband and I, me preggers, packed them all into the store, left for a few hours, came back and they still weren't done going through them!  They unmatched outfits and through the clothes back in to different sterlites, leaving a mess.
Long story short, I made a little over a hundred dollars and still came back with the same number of sterlites I started with, not all of them being full!  I then took them to the other stores in various parts of Louisville, trying to get rid of what I could.  Still coming home with over half of what I started with!

lots 4 tots
This past spring I stumbled upon a do it yourself consignment sale, Lots 4 Tots.  It is held twice a year, and the best part is you set your own prices.  It is a 3 day sale, and at the end you have a check for the amount you sold, you can make up to 80%.  I only make 70% because I can't volunteer, I just don't have the time.  Great right.....well almost!  It is a great sale, but it takes a lot of preparation, especially if you have as much stuff as I do!

First comes the sorting of the clothes size, gender and season, and trying to make as may outfits as possible because sets sell better than singles.  This one in September is the Fall/Winter sale, so no summer clothes.  Although this year they are taking shorts and tee shirts.  Then, entering the items in the computer, they have a really great program that makes it easy.  The next part is what I really dread!  You have to safety pin each item and price tag to a coat hanger.  The clothes have to hang so that the top of the hanger points left, like a question mark, and the tags have to be pinned on the right shoulder.  SHEW!!
I totally get why they have you do it this way, the clothes won't fall off this way and they all look nice if hung up, but man it is a lot of work!!

I am down to wire, I only have until August 29th to enter all my items, they take anything for babies/kids and I have somethings I'm not using this time around so I figure I'll sell them too!  So my living room is a mess right now, with no less than 8 sterlites behind the couch and clothes on the coffee table.

 I will have some help this weekend, my LOVELY sister is coming down and is a BIG help, she helped me with the spring sale.  Yes she is reading this...LOVE YOU SIS!!  Pray that I get done in time!

It's also a great place to shop for gently used clothes and like I said any baby/kid item you can think of.  The sale starts Thursday September 1st and Friday the 2nd:  10am-7pm
Saturday the 3rd (half price day): 8am-1pm.

The sale is held at the Shelby County Fairgrounds in the Floral Hall building (they will have signs and balloons at the entrance directing you to the correct building).  Its very easy to get to.   1513 Midland Trail, Shelbyville, KY. 40065.

If your local, come out and see what you can find for a great deal.  I love me some good deals, especially now that I have 2 kids to buy for!!

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  1. Yes, we have our work cut out for us this weekend, but we can do it! Hopefully my son will cooperate long enough for us to get some real work done! We got this......can't wait for the sale too. Noah needs some bigger sizes for the up coming season. See you tomorrow!


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