Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To Pee or not to Pee...That is the question

Okay, so I've been contemplating on whether or not to post about this for a while, but here goes.  Reason being,  one, Jillian will want to shot me when she's gets older and two, well I'm a little embarrassed that we're not there yet.  Fully potty trained that is.  Jillian has been interested and obsessed with the potty for quite some time now, but hasn't really caught on, yet.  I did read on circle of mom's the other day that it is still normal for a 3 year old not to be fully potty trained, so that made me feel some what better.

At first she would sit on the potty but nothing.  Then it was a screaming, crying match when we tried, so I backed off.  The pediatrician said not to push her, this was at her 2 year old appointment.  Now she's 3, and well, I'm kinda pushing.  I mean come on already, momma doesn't want 2 in diapers!!  Well pull-ups, but whatever.  We have finally adapted a schedule of taking her to potty every two hours, whether she likes it or not!  This works, she almost always goes, and most of the time stays dry in between.  Now, if we were to say wait or forget to take her to potty, then she will wet herself.

We have tried everything.  She has a potty chart, a big desk calendar, on the fridge, and ever time she goes, she gets to put a princess sticker on that day.  The most she's gotten is 6 in one day.  She also gets one M&M every time she goes.  These rewards kind of work.  We have also tried the pantie thing.  You know where you let them run around with panties on so that when they pee they'll feel it and not do it again.  NOPE, didn't work, and might I add, I hate cleaning up pee in the carpet!  Even potty time dvd's and books, Elmo's potty time is her favorite dvd and Princess of the potty, her fav. book!  She watches me go, and I usually always take her with me, so she would understand more.

My biggest concern is, will she ever tell me when she has to go?  I mean she has to eventually right?  Everyone says it just happened with their kid, like they just decided they would start going potty.  Well that's not our case.  She does at least get it now.  As soon as her little bum hits the seat, if she has to go, she pee's.  And she's very proud of it!

 See I told ya she's gonna want to shoot me!  But see how proud she is to pee-pee.

So any of you out there have any advice on the matter.  How do I get her to tell me when she has to go.


  1. I have never seen a child go to first grade with a diaper on so, don't worry about it. She will go to that potty when she is tired of wearing diapers. When she is around other kids that are not wearing pull-ups but big girl panties, then that is what she will want to wear. Let her go pick out some panties for her to wear when she can go to the potty all the time. Put the ball (so to speak) in her court. Leave it up to her, she will come around sooner than you think.

  2. Well. I think Jillian has made great strides lately, so I believe it will happen any time now. Nothing you can do but wait for her, because you have already done everything you can. Love you both!


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