Thursday, August 11, 2011

36 Months/3 Years Old

Miss Jillian Paige turned 3 years old on July 1st, so this is actually a month behind, please forgive me!!  She just had her 3 year old check up yesterday and the doctor said she was very healthy.  She is 42 + some, inches tall, this puts her off the percentile chart, and she weights 41 lbs, she was off the chart there too and would be considered overweight except for the fact that she so dern tall!  This year she actually let the doctor examine her without tears!  Yay, for my big girl.  No shots this year, just the nasal flu mist, which she took well.

Jillian @ 36 Months
  1. You are very independent
  2. You love anything Princess
  3. Books you love, right now your favorite are Numbers, Words, Shapes and Colors
  4. Mommy always stocks up on marshmallows, any flavor, color, or shape, you'll eat'em all
  5. Everything you say is Mommy this and Mommy that
  6. For a 3 year old you have pretty good manners, saying please and thank you
  7. but you can also be rude, saying no all the time
  8. "I Love You" and "So glad to see you", are phrases you say a lot, and I melt when you do
  9. Songs come so easy to you to memorize and then you sing them all the time
  10. Right now it's John, Jacob Jinglehymeier Schmidt, from one of your Strawberry Shortcake movies
  11. You only refer to your brother as Bubbie, or Bubba, or Brotder, never Wyatt
  12. You talk about your self in the third person
  13. Everything is your FAVORITE, according to you
  14. Pink is your favorite color
  15. Hershey and Leluh are your cat best friends, that you adore
  16. And most some of the time they adore you too
  17. You love to play dress up and wear frilly tutu's
  18. You still let me put bows in your hair, every day
  19. Drinking out of other people's drinks drives mommy and daddy crazy, you do it all the time
  20. "Look at me, do you hear me?", is what you ask the cats
  21. Princess nightgowns are your favorite jammies
  22. Wal-Mart is called Moo-Mart, thanks to Clairbelle Cow from Mickey Mouse
  23. You are a T.V. and movie fanatic
  24. You have NEVER had your hair cut, only a trim on the bangs
  25. This is why it is almost down to your butt when wet
  26. You have naturally curly hair like your late GiGi and your Aunt Jo-Jo
  27. McDonalds is your favorite fast food
  28. You recognize places, like Papa's work, the ice cream shop or Memmaw's house
  29. Unfortunately you are still not fully potty trained, but you wanna wear panties
  30. You can work mommy and daddy's smart phones, this is not a good thing
  31. Love to go to Mommy's work and visit all the animals
  32. Have an attitude, when mommy tells you to do something you don't wanna do
  33. You love to be a back seat driver
  34. You are Mommies minni me, you look just like me, sans the curly hair
  35. You love to go swimming, but aren't to sure about going under
  36. You carry around your pink blanket, and take it to the sitters everyday
Jillian you are growing by leaps and bounds and Mommy is so proud of you!!


  1. I love this so much. Everything you wrote about her is so spot on! I know she will enjoy reading this one day when she gets older. You are a great mom, which is why Jillian is such a great kid! I know GiGi is smiling down on us every day and so proud of you and the great job you are doing with your family. After all, family is the most important thing in life! Love you sis!

  2. and she is blessed to have a mommy like you!

  3. Great Post, it brought a smile to my face!


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