Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet the sista

If someone had told me as a kid that I would grow up and be best friends with my sister, I would have said they were crazy.  I mean I liked her in all but we fought, all the time, like siblings do.  As we grew up and got out on our own, we actually grew closer together.   And now we are, BEST friends.  I mean the best!  Not only is she my sister, my family, but she's my best girlfriend.  The one I tell everything too.  My confidant.  The one I call if I've had a bad day or need to vent over my husband being a man!  I can't tell you how strong our bond is, and now that she's a momma we have so much more in common.  She helps me do anything and everything.  She goes everywhere with me and lives with me on the weekend.

She loves my kiddo's and boy  they love her too.  I remember telling her when she was preggers that I hoped her son would love me as much as Jillian loves her, she's crazy over her Jo-Jo.  She stayed the night with me in the hospital when I had my son, so that my husband could me at home with our daughter.  She laughs with me and she cry's with me.

My Mom, Jordan and I at a Wedding
When our mother passed away, she was the one person in this world who knew exactly what I was feeling, 'cause she felt it too.  There is nothing more comforting in this world than that!

Those were the days

We like to think of this one as our Charmed photo
We were all very close, and made sure we always spent Sundays together.  She made us girls and made us sisters.  For that I am extremely grateful!

We even go on vacation's together.  You can't tell here but she was 4 months pregnant, rocking out that maternity swimsuit.  We have so much fun together!
She even gave me an experience of a lifetime, sharing with her and her husband, the birth of her son.  I was so proud of her.
She wasn't able to watch my son's birth since I had a c-section, but she was there that morning, bright and early, before she had to go to work, and then came back that evening and stayed and helped me!

I love ya Sis, and thanks for always being there for me.  I couldn't have asked for a better sister, friend and aunt for my children!


  1. Thank you for posting the photos of Jennifer. I have them saved on my computer now. Jordan is a wonderful sister and it is great that you have each other.

  2. I love this post! I did a sister post yesterday too!! I agree with the statement that we grew closer to our sisters as we get older.

    From one big sister to another.

  3. So....where do I start. You said it all perfectly! Thank you so much for all the compliments! I love you and the entire Sanford gang. If I had a blog I would have to try to up you one, but it would be a tough act to follow. I love all the pictures and I am so glad to have you as a sister and a BEST friend. Blood does run thicker than water and God made us sisters, but we became friends. I think our Mom had a lot to do with that! I could write tons more, but I am almost off my lunch break by now. Love you!

  4. I think this is the sweetest blog ever!!!! And I remember some of those times growing up when you and Jordan had your arguements. Glad that you overcame them all!! You all are very lucky to have each other and be so close! Great pics too!!!


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