Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Comparing the two

On May 13th at 8:08am, Wyatt Jo Curtis Sanford was delivered via cesarean.  He weighed 8lbs. 11.5 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long, and he was even a week early (by my choice of course)!

Now he is 2 months old, and has almost doubled his birth weight!  We took him for his 2 month old check up last Wednesday.  He weighed 14 lbs. 11oz. and was 23 inches long.  That puts him in 95th percentile in weight and the 50th percentile in length/height!  He is a big healthy boy!  He had to get three vaccinations in his legs and one that is a drink, (not sure why that can't all be a drink), but overall did pretty well.  Mommy got to nurse him directly after his shots so he felt much better!
It's funny because every time we go to the doctor, or Wyatt does something new, I am always comparing him to his sister.  I'll go to her room and dig out her baby book, and compare the two.  She was a large baby at birth too, weighing 9lbs. 3oz. and 21 1/4 inches long, (she was OVERDUE).  Wyatt has out weighed her at every doctor visit, but is an inch shorter than she was.  
They do look a lot a like I think, both having the brown hair and blue eyes.  She definitely has my fat toes and he has his daddy's long toes.  



I really think their personalities are alike too.  Jillian was a great baby, except for the occasional gassy tummy, but she liked to be held a lot, probably due to me holding her all the time!!  I was a first time mommy, what else did I have to do!  I definitively can't hold Wyatt all the time and for the most part he's good with that, he is a great baby too!
Jillian always slept in a swing for naps during the day, Wyatt will, but we can actually lay him down to sleep, which allows me to get something done!



I am a breastfeeding momma, with her we had some problems in the begining but we were both new at it and it took a couple of weeks to get it down.   Him, not the first problem, he is a pro!  The nurse at the hospital said it was me and I knew what I was doing, but I totally give that baby boy credit!  



Their schedules are the same, nursing ever 4 hours at 6,10,2,6 and taking a bottle from the daddy at 10pm, so they could bond and I could pump to store up milk for daytime at the sitters.  I love having him on a schedule, it gives us a routine we can follow and everyone knows what to expect!
They are both great sleepers, both kids started sleeping through the night at about 7 weeks old, that is 11pm to 5:30-6am.
How do you think they compare? 

I feel so blessed with these too kiddo's, they complete us.  We are one happy family! 

Have a great week!!


  1. Love the comparisons. Jillian is growing up so fast. Doesn't look like wyatt will be far from her. You should blog about breastfeeding and some of the things you taught me....they really helped and others would probably find it useful to. Love the blog and can't wait to see more!

  2. Love this post - so fun to hear about other kiddos around the same age. I think Wyatt and Jillian look a lot alke. And they both sound like easy babies. I am impressed
    with the four hour feedings. I'm hoping Warren will stretch her feedings out a bit once she gets over 10 pounds:) .

  3. Great Post! I did not realize how much alike they look. You are a good mother and I am happy you were able to breastfeed Wyatt. It really makes things much more convenient, that's for sure. I know our guardian angel, Momma J is smiling down on you and is so proud of the mother/woman you have become.


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