Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Jillian graduated Preschool in May.  My little girl is growing up!

The ceremony was held at our church in the evening.  They had a several video's of the kiddos at her school, and slide shows of pictures.

Jillian's class performed a song on stage!  It was the cutest ever!!  They did an excellent job.  Click play below....

I was so proud of my girl when they called her name.  Mrs.  Sarah asked her some questions and she wasn't afraid to answer!

She has always told me she wanted to be a veterinarian!  So proud!!

I love their little caps and gowns!

I just can't believe she's growing up so fast.  Very bittersweet!  Today preschool, tomorrow Kindergarten.

Accepting her diploma!

One more because Momma is sooo proud!!

Jillian's Amazing Preschool teachers!
Left to Right
Mrs. Hannah, Ms. Amanda, & Ms. Kelsy

She wouldn't have made it this far without them!!  We love them!

We are the proud parents of a Preschool graduate!

Tomorrow starts Kindergarten.......


  1. She really is growing up so fast! Our little Jillian is growing all up. I am so proud that she is my niece!!!

  2. She is getting so big, I remember when Chase started kindergarten. He was so ready but mommy was not. He too would not talk much after school, in fact he is now in 4th grade and he is just starting to volunteer information about his day at school. I hope she is enjoying her year so far. So many great memories to be made this year!!

  3. Oh my goodness! She looks so adorable (and grown up) in that cap and gown!


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