Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Prayers needed!

My big Red dog got hit by a car tonight. We have 2.5 acres where he has an underground fence but his collar came off and he took off before I got home. He was just up the road and made it to a neighbors house we know. They called my husband whom wasn't even home, he was at the UK game. Luckily we have some pretty awesome friends that live close and they checked on Red and then came and got me. Angie, my friend stayed with my kids while her husband drove me and Red to the vet! Also luckily I work for a vet who met us at the clinic. Oh and did I mention that it is sleeting and freezing cold outside by this point. My big Red dog couldn't walk or hardly stand, was bleeding in his back end and his gum color was very pale! Once he had been in the truck with the heat on, he warmed up and his color got pinker, thank goodness! We got an IV started with fluids, some pain meds and antibiotics. He'll have X-rays done in the morning and possible surgery to follow. If you pray please send one up for my big Red dog! Thanks!

Here are some pics of him from a few years ago!


  1. Aw, that is so scary and so sad! I am so very sorry! Praying!!

  2. Yes mam, you know I am praying for Big Red. I just love that big lap dog!


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