Thursday, January 17, 2013

Red Update

I posted Tuesday night about our dog getting hit by a car. But once we had X-rays taken, we realized he had been shot in his rear end and legs with buckshot. So much so that it has damaged the nerves in his leg and he isn't able to use that leg, he just drags it behind him. He's going to be okay but has a long recovery ahead of him. Hopefully in time he will gain back the nerves and be able to use that leg again. Poor doggie, he really is lucky to be alive. Left out in the cold with his injuries to much longer and he wouldn't have made it. So thankful for all our GOOD neighbors and friends who helped him and us!! But we will never understand why and who could do this to an animal! Especially one that would never hurt you!
Below is Red's X-ray. All the little dots are the buckshot in him. There is even a few in his tail! The other is him in the hospital, he was so sad! He's now home and resting comfortably!! We have 2 nice padded beds for him to rest in! Thanks for all the continued prayers!!


  1. Glad that Red is on the mend and he was found in time. I don't know how anyone could do that either! Poor guy! I will send positive thoughts.

  2. Poor Red. Reading all this has been breaking my heart!

  3. This is just the saddest thing! Who in the world could do that? And they shot him in the rear... like, as he was going in the opposite direction! This is awful. And that xray - makes me want to cry! glad he's doing better!

  4. Poor Big Red......I am glad for the good neighbors! Your house just wouldn't be the same without him!


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