Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wyatt @ 21 Months, 22 Months and 23 Months

I am a few months behind on little man's post/updates.  It's all going by way to fast for me.  Little man is going to be 2 in about a month.  Oh my word, I almost can't believe it!!

I wanted to do your traditional post where I write on a picture but, 22 things is a lot to put on one pic!!  And since I am so behind I'm just gonna write as many things as I can from the past 2 months and current month!

22 Months

 You can recognize most of your letters, thank you Ms. Debbie!
 Loves to mock your sister.
If I brush her hair and she says ouch then when I brush your hair you say ouch too!
 Plays basketball every night with Daddy.
 Still obsessed with sports, mainly Football and Basketball!
You point out every tractor you see.
 Daddy has even taught you the names of tractors and you'll repeat them. Minneapolis Moline, John Deere, and International!
You climb in to your highchair when it's time to eat.
Had a ball at your school Valentine's dance.
You shook your booty!
You tell me what hat you wanna wear.
Usually either Elmo or Monkey do!
Love french fries.
Not sure of your weight, but you wear size 4 diaper, size 2t shirts and pants and 6 shoe.

22 Months

You are getting very independent!
And a little temperamental!  
A little more hard headed.
But still just as lovable, and sweet.
You love getting to play outside, although we haven't had a lot of warm days yet.
Still love watching Elmo!
You ask for it everyday when we get home.
You still take a paci but only when you sleep.
You're still gonna be upset when it goes bye bye.
Your vobab is exploding!
There is nothing you won't try to say.

23 Months

You are a ball of energy!

You are so inquisitive!
Always asking what everything is!
Sometimes you even ask who people are.
And you usually pick the older people to point at and they think your cute.
You have started using a lot of sentences lately,
"I spilled the bubbles!"
"Where'd sissy go?"
"I want/like that!"
"I'm hungry too!"
"I want to ride da tractor!"
And of course you'll repeat anything and everything your sister says!
You are still obsessed with tractors and trucks!
You like to wear your baseball hats like Daddy.
You can climb in your Carseat all by your self.
You love to play with the iPad or our iPhones.
Daddy took you for a ride in a huge tractor the other day and you loved it!
You always ask to ride the tractor (lawn mower) when Daddy's mowing grass.
You are all boy, all the time.
You still like to be rocked at night and still have a PC, (paci).
But not for long.
When you turn two next week it's bye bye PC.
I'm not sure who will be more upset, you or me.
We depend on it a little to much sometimes!
You love to flush the toilet and have been caught flushing socks!
You would stay outside all the time if I let you!

In less than a week little man you will be a two year old! Ahhh! I can't believe we're already here. We live you more and more every single day! From learning to new words to playing sports, you amaze us! You are a lover and a hugger, when you wanna be! I'm so proud of the little guy you are becoming!


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