Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter 2013

Yes, I know, I'm a little late.  Story of my life!!  So in like fashion, this was our Easter.

One of the first places we went was to Beckley Park.  We rode bikes, the whole family.  Wyatt rode in a cart hooked to the back of Kimmi and Jay's bike's.  It was fun.

We went three different places in all and the kids had 5 Easter egg hunts.  Can we say spoiled!!  It was all so fun and the kids and us had great times.

Cousin's after their Easter egg hunt at Beckley Park.

Girl loaded up on eggs!

Little man just played his little heart out!

My gorgeous babies Easter morning at church.

Riding bikes at Beckley Park.

The girls looking at the creek, wishing so bad that they could get in!

On the hunt....

They hunted well, now time for the candy!

Easter morning at home, opening their Easter baskets.  Look at little man cheese'n!

They loved their goodies, even took them to church with us.

My Princess!!  Tear....she looks sooo grown up.

My little man, soo handsome.  I was so proud!  Jo-Jo and I were told they were the cutest boys at church that morning.  

Piano boys.  

My lovely family! 

Take 50,lol!!  These shots are hard to get!
Thanks Cynthia!!

The End!!


  1. Jillian really is gettin big. It is hard to believe! The end is so cute and you got some really good family pics!

  2. Wow, you took some great pictures! Your Easter seemed wonderful.


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