Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kindergarten registration

Wednesday we took Jillian for her kindergarten registration. She will attend Wright Elementary. She did very well! When we first got there we had to fill out paperwork, and one of the teachers took Jillian into the library and screened her. We could see her the whole time, I was so proud of her and how well she did. After about 10 minutes or so she came out and the teacher went over her results with us. She scored very well with only a few mistakes. She knew all of her uppercase letters but one, which I know she's knows. She knew most of her lowercase letters as well but again I know she knows them all. Her preschool teacher even said she did. They went over letter sounds and again she knew most of them but wouldn't tell the teacher all of them. She counted to 19 with no mistakes but skipped a few numbers after that. The teacher told us as long as she could count to 10 she was doing fine. They also had her rhyme words which she did excellent with. However she would not write her name for the teacher. She told me she didn't want too! Lol! I explained to her that she will have to for kindergarten! The teacher told us she was set for kindergarten and she would see us at orientation in the fall!

I'm so proud and excited but so sad at the same time! I know she's ready for this and she will do wonderful! I just can't believe how fast she's growing up!

She also had to get a booster shot at the doctors office. That didn't go as well! But she's fine now!

Here are a few pictures from our morning!


  1. Wow! School already! I'm glad to hear she did so well! You must be so proud. Great work mama.

  2. Yeah Jilly Bean! She is going to do great. I can only imagine the things she will come up with once she starts going to Kindergarten!


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