Monday, March 4, 2013

Miss Jillian @ 4 1/2 years old

Wow girly!! You sure have grown, a lot! I look and talk to you and think to myself, oh my goodness she's not a baby anymore! It makes me sad but happy all at the same time! I'm so proud of the little lady you have become!

I would make a list but it would take me a week! So I'll just write as much as I can about you, right now!!

I never wanna forget........

How you are so sassy!

You say the funniest things!
Just this morning you were telling your Daddy something and you called him Randy. Then you said, "oh I mean Daddy!

You are a little bossy at times, and you also try to tell me which way to go when driving.

You have become a mini me. Wanting to go and be with mommy all the time.

You love to cook and help me. You like to stir and then eat the left over batter.

You like to go to your room by yourself and play and shut the door. You then scream when someone opens the door, because it scares you.

You get that from me. I'm jumpy too!

Sticker books and LaLaLoopsies are covering your floor right now.

This drives me crazy. I wanna see the floor kid!

I have only ever had one bad report on you from school! You were just having a bad day, I guess.

You do love school and all your teachers and friends.

You are learning so much. You can spell and tell me words and what letter they start with.

You love to rhyme words.

You sing in the car. It's so cute! Sometimes you tell me, turn it up mommy, I can't hear it!!

You have one heck of an imagination! There is no end to it. I know you'll do big things with it!

You love Greek yogurt and any kind of fruit. But don't eat a whole lot of veggies. It just depends on your taste that day.

You still smell everything before eating and drinking. I thought this was weird and funny but then one day realized, I totally do the same thing!

You are very loving. Always giving hugs and telling us you love us!

 You know your manners and you are pretty good about using them. The cutest is when you asked to be excused from the table.

Sometimes in the mornings if you and Wyatt wake before us, you go in to his room and put all kinds of books in his crib and climb in with him and read. It's so sweet, it warms my heart!

If only you guys always got along that well!

You can play well together and get in to trouble together but sometimes you fight like cats and dogs!

You, my dear get into everything! Not just the typical kid stuff but girl you get you and your brother into all kinds of trouble.

Just last week, you guys got in your closet and had a heyday. You guys unsorted your sorted summer and fall clothes. I couldn't even get the door open!

You are very independent! Always telling us, "I can do it!"

You are a sore loser!! I mean a crying sore loser! We just figured this out the other night while playing Monkey Ball on the Wii. Your daddy beat you in the game and you cried!

You are only 4 1/2 but you wear a size 6! I haven't actually weighed you in a while but I'd say you're pushing 46. But your just as thin as can be! You are so tall, probably around 46 or 47 inches tall!

Jillian, you are the apple of my eye, my pride and joy!  I love how you have become Momma's girl and want to go and do everything with me.  It's so sweet.  I'm so proud to be your Momma!  You are so smart and caring, it makes me so happy watching you grow up.  But you don't have to do it so fast you know.  Go easy on your Momma!  Love you!!

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  1. Love my Jillian! I can remember the first time I saw her and held her! She really is growing up to be a big and beautiful girl. She will do amazing things!


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