Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Work out Wednesday

Tonight I just finished Zumba! I am so happy that I have come this far! The class used to be really hard and I used to think I was going to die before it would end, but now even though they're still hard I get through them and I feel good about it! I am so happy to report that I am down around about 17 pounds! That is since January 1! Even though last week I had fluctuated up a little bit I have now come down again! Just knowing that I can do it, helps me push through and do it! I can finally see results when I look in the mirror, and when I put on my clothes. I'm down a size, and actually feel good about myself when I look in the mirror. And I feel good! I have about 15 weeks until my goal which is the week in July when were going to Florida and I have about 13 more pounds I would like to lose. I know everybody says it's not about the number on the scale but how you feel, but I'm so happy to get this weight off. I didn't take a picture before Zumba tonight, but I did take one this morning after I got dressed. So here it is!


  1. Way to go Mama! You are looking great and I'm sure you will meet your goal! Good luck with next week!

  2. You are doing great! I know you can make are determined and I have seen you do it before! You go sista!

  3. You look fabulous! Keep up the great work! I am going to post about fitness soon and share some of my tips. Hope we can help motivate each other! xo


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