Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Work out Wednesday

I'm getting ready to head out to Zumba!

But first... One of my other blogger friends has started a Wednesday post about her workouts. So I figured I would join in. Except I'm still not comfortable sharing all my stats just yet. However I have lost about 11 pounds since the beginning of the year.

My friends and I do Zumba once or twice a week. I have also added some workouts on the elliptical, and do some core training. I have tried to eat healthier, adding fruits and veggies, and trying to leave out the fast food. The last part is the hardest, cutting out the fast food. With a busy lifestyle and two small children sometimes it's the easiest thing to do, even though not the right one!

My goal was to lose a pound a week from the first of the year to the first of July. That's when my family is going on vacation to Florida, the beach! And I want to be bikini ready! I have a great little countdown on my phone and it tells me how many weeks I have left until my vacation, and I have another little great app on my phone that helps me keep track of my weight loss, called lose it! So far I'm right on track! Hopefully this blog post will help me stay accountable!

And last three pictures. The first is me on New Year's Day, the second me today, the third my goal, me a couple years ago after having Jillian.


  1. Way to go! You are well on your way! 11 is awesome! Zumba sounds like so much fun. I am glad you linked up and good luck with the upcoming week. I can totally relate to fast food. My husband and I eat out constantly simple because of convenience and lack of time.

  2. Awesome, great job losing 11 pounds so far. I LOVE Zumba, it is so fun and also a great way to fit in a work out. Lookin' great Momma!

  3. Woohoo! Go sister! I know you can do it! I have seen you do it before!


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