Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wyatt Knows his ABC's

Well most of them!! I am so behind on Wyatt's monthly posts. So I thought I would share this video I took of Wyatt. A couple of months ago my grandmother, whom keeps Wyatt one day a week, pointed out that he would tell her the letter on his blocks. I had to witness this myself, so Randy and I sat at the table one night after supper and would hand Wyatt a block and ask him the letter. To my surprise he knew most of them. Of course I didn't think to video it until 3 or 4 times through and he was tired! I went to school that same week and ask Wyatt's teacher if she was teaching him his letters and she said of course! She said they have an alphabet rug and he runs to letters and asks her what they are and she tells him. She said then she asks him where each letter is! This folks is why I work and send my kids to daycare/preschool! Their school is awesome!
Without further ado here is the video I took this morning. It's not perfect and we don't do all the letters mainly because some of the magnets are under the fridge! You don't have to watch the whole video, it's about 5 minutes long! And keep in mind, this boy won't be 2 until May!!


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