Sunday, May 5, 2013

The 139th Kentucky Derby

Saturday was the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby! Always a big deal, here in Kentucky! We are the horse Capitol of the World. I have never been to the Derby but I have been to the next best thing, a Derby party! The best Derby party if you ask me! All of my Dad's closet friends put it on. My dad and a few others are the bookies! And Ms. Nikki, whose house this shin dig is thrown at, prepares all kind of delicious foods and drinks. Everybody usual brings a dish or two as well. I always take an appetizer and a side dish for dinner. The racing starts at 11:30am and goes all day until the actual Derby run at 6:24pm. So we eat and drink and bet all day and then have dinner after the Derby! It really is so much fun, to hang out with family and friends, and watch the kiddos run wild! When it's warm enough, which yesterday was not, the pool is open and you can swim. But unfortunately yesterday was in the lower 60's and a little rainy. Everyone still had a great time! And I even bet the winning horse, Orb! He's been my favorite all along and he won! I only bet $2 on him but I won $12.50! Woohoo!!

Here are some pics from our day!! Happy Derby!!


  1. Looks and sounds like such a wonderful day!

  2. It was a great derby as always! Great pics!


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