Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wyatt's Day

Wyatt's birthday was Monday the 13th of May.  We celebrated with a party on Saturday.  But we also celebrated on his actual birthday.  Jillian's preschool class was going to the Zoo, and I thought what fun that would be to do on Wyatt's birthday.  I drove separately from the school so we got to stay most of the day.

This guy wanted to get a close up.  And Wyatt, he wasn't too sure about that!

We got to see the trainer work with Sasha the tiger.  It was pretty cool!

Wyatt's favorite, the elephants.  He loved them!

We then headed back but made a pit stop at my work and visited the kittens.

Of course they loved squeeze'n on these cuties!

We finished off his birthday with a spaghetti dinner, one of Wyatt's favs, and of course Cake!
I took way more pics with my good camera but haven't edited them yet!  This was mild, trust me!

 After a quick hose down in the tub, which almost turned red!  We went outside and the let the kids play!  The perfect ending to a perfect Birthday!  It was the best day!!


  1. That really does sound like a perfect day! We also went to the zoo for each of Luke's birthdays. Great pictures. I just love that close up one! Happy birthday!

  2. What a wonderful birthday for a wonderful kid and family! Wish we could have gone to the zoo too!! Next time!


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