Thursday, July 12, 2012

Can You Do Me A Favor?


Do you pray?  If so would you say a little prayer for my hubby? 

 He is going in for surgery on Friday, for a biopsy.  I know, that's a scary word.  He has swollen lymph nodes in his neck, and we need to see what's causing them.  My rather healthy hubby has never had surgery before and never been anesthetized before.  So I know this is worrying him.  We've been waiting what seems like forever for this surgery and now that it's time, I'm very anxious.  Anxious to get it over for him and anxious to get results back to determine treatment.  Please, if you pray, pray for Randy and our family.  Pray for an easy surgery and fast recovery.  Pray for my hubby to be just fine!!  Pray for good results!

Thanks in advanced!!


  1. Many thoughts and prayers for your hubby. I hope its nothing and all is okay.

  2. Praying, sweet mama. Please keep us posted!!!

  3. Praying for your husband and your family!!!!

  4. Praying for you guy!Love ya and if u need any thing call me!

  5. Of course we will be praying for Randy,,,,for all of you. Let me know if you need some help with the kiddos.

  6. Praying for your husband and family!

  7. You know he is in my thoughts and prayers! Love you all!

  8. Praying! Please keep us updated!

  9. Big prayer said! Please let me know how he is doing!


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