Saturday, July 14, 2012

Update on Randy and Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

Randy's surgery went very smooth yesterday.  The surgeon said he did great, and he sounded pretty optimistic that it would be benign!  Of course he couldn't say for sure, but it made us all feel better!  He was taken to recovery and the next thing I knew they called me back and there he was siting up and already dressed!  He was ready to go and feeling good!  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!  We greatly appreciate them!!  Keeping praying that we get back good results!!  Hopefully we'll know something next week.

Now onto my top 5 laughs!!  I'm linking up with Mel at the Mommyhood Chronicles!

1. One morning while we were getting ready, I stepped over the baby gate to feed the cats.  Wyatt started to whine, so Jillian told him, "Don't worry Bubbie, Mommy won't leave you!"  She's so right and so funny!!

2. I picked the kids from preschool/daycare the other afternoon and it was pretty warm out.  Jillian got in the car and said, "Mommy will you turn the air on?  My ponies are hot!"  Not her and not Bubbie but her ponies!!

3. I was in the car with my niece Shelby and I told her I had to go potty.  She said "Hey , you can go potty in Preschool!  They have little potties and big potties."  I didn't know they had big potties too!!  LOL

4. Coming up the driveway, Jillian saw our horse Dixie.  She called to her but she was faced the other way.  Jillian said, "Geez, she's sticking her butt out at me."  Silly horse!!

5. The same afternoon riding in the car with my niece, we were driving beside railroad tracks.  Shelby said, "Look the railroad tracks are following us!!"  Too cute!

We have a laid back weekend planned.  Taking care of Randy and hanging out here at the house!!

Happy weekend!


  1. I am glad so far everything seems to going very well. I know you are relieved and yet still anxious until you get the all clear. Hopefully those words will come very soon....then you can quit babying Randy! He better be taking advantage of this chance to get waited on!

  2. Hoping and praying for good results! Those train tracks are following us....that's pretty good. I can't believe Dixie would stick her butt out at Jillian, I'm surprised she didn't say that Dixie was being I live these kids and the things they come up with. Please keep Jillian's ponies cool, I would hate for them to be to hot!

  3. So glads things went well with Randy. Praying for good results! Love that her ponies were hot, hahaha! Cute laughs.

  4. I am so glad things went well! I was praying for you!
    Now for your laughs- I love them! You always provide the cutest ones. Jillian sounds like such a hoot! Well mommy, don't you know that her ponies need air- silly mom for not knowing,lol. That is too funny with the railroad tracks following! Little potties and big potties:) H school only has the little ones, I always wondered about that because what happens when the teachers have to go! Cute laughs.xoxo


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