Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

We really needed some laughs this week! So here we go!

1. A car started to turn into us and I yelled, "don't hit me." Jillian in the back seat asked me, "what did u say." so I repeated myself and she said, "Yeah cause our car will break and mommy will bust your butts!".

2. While eating dinner at the table, Randy asked Wyatt if he could go to bed with him since he was tired. Jillian said, "no daddy your not a baby your a big boy!"

3. From there the convo went to panties and Jillian said, "mommy wears panties, right mommy."I said "right", She said "your my girl mommy!". It was so funny!

4. Wyatt kept stealing Jillian's Barbie computer, and they would both scream. Finally Jillian walked away and Wyatt took it but he looked at her 5 times as he was walking away with it! Like, I hope she doesn't catch me!!

5. Our horse Dixie had sweat really bad one humid day this week, and Jillian said "she turned black!". She's actually the color Bay, a medium brown color!

I am linking up with Mel at The Mommyhood Chronicles!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. A broken car wouldn't be any good. Panties are a very good thing to wear......keep it up girl! Yeah, Jillian really doesn't think you all should be sleeping with either of them, so funny!

  2. LOL!!! Jillian said that. That is way too funny! No daddy, you are a big boy- that is so cute! Zane and Hayley do the same thing with each other items. It is so funny! And I am so jealous you have a horse. Sorry I am commenting late- just got back from vacation. Hope to see you tomorrow night. Thanks for always making me laugh!


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