Monday, March 26, 2012

Make My Monday

It's Make My Monday time.  This weeks topic is:

 What is your favorite thing about spring? Favorite color? Favorite flower? Favorite place to enjoy?  Favorite things to do outdoors??

I love Spring!  It starts getting warmer, the grass gets greener, and flowers start bloom'n.  I love this pink tree in my front yard, it's a Weeping Cherry tree.  I planted it 2 years ago in honor of my mom.  I love when it starts flowering, because it makes me feel like she's smiling at me.

My favorite thing to do outdoors is simple, anything with my kiddos, and my family!  

Whether it's playing outside in the back yard or playing a little b-ball with the family, as long as I'm with these guys we can be anywhere, and do anything.

 This weekend, we played b-ball at PaPa's until dark.  It was so nice out.  The kids had a blast watching us and we had a blast watching them!

Wyatt thought he was big stuff shooting the ball.   As soon as his hands touched the ball he would laugh and hit the ball over and over again, then his daddy would shoot the ball for him.

Happy Monday!  I'm linking up with Kelly and Jess, come on over and Make My Monday!


  1. Oh goodness, I love this!!! Your pictures are just too sweet!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  2. I love all the pics, and the tree is beautiful! i love being outdoors too!

  3. The tree is gorgeous! Mom is smiling every day at us! My favorite thing about spring is being outside and spending time with family!


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