Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Thoughts

Let me start off by saying, DANG!  I missed my 100th post.  Well, I did post, I just didn't realize it was my 100th!  I can't believe I've posted 100 times.  From someone who thought I had nothing to post about and no time to do it in!!  Whoo hoo!!

I've got a lot swirling around in my head so excuse the mess, but here goes!

We had a rather bloody weekend, with me and my cat bites, and my nephew Noah totally busting his mouth, at my house on Saturday night.  It was a little scary, but I kept it together for my sister, I didn't want her to freak out.  I mean his whole little face was covered in blood.  Two wash clothes later and a call to my favorite Pediatrician, who suggested he suck on ice and he was good as new!

We had our first cookout of the year at my Dad and Mia's on Sunday!  It was so nice outside, we let the kids play in the grass.  Wyatt loved crawling around out there.

I am so aggravated with my self tonight!  I can't find anything.  I need Jillian's birth certificate for school and can't find it.  And I had planned on exchanging a book and swim trunks at Target tomorrow and totally can't find the book!  Ahh!!  I'm sure, a certain little girl has it, I'm just not sure where!

On a happy note, Wyatt man turned 10 months old today.  He's getting so big and, "tear", that means there's only 2 months until he turns one!

I did decide on a theme for his first birthday party.  Dr. Seuss!!  I found this on Pinterest and fell in love!

What do you think?  Isn't it the cutest!  I'm so excited!  I've already started the planning!

I officially dislike the time change.  I love Spring, and I love that it stays lighter longer, but we just can't seem to get use to it around here!  I've over slept the past two days, and I have to wake Wyatt up in the mornings to get ready.  I really don't like waking a sleeping baby!!

We have finally got our electric dog fence working again, meaning one of our dogs, Red, is staying at home again!

Last Wednesday we had two doctor appointments,  Wyatt's 9 month check up, yes, I know I'm late with that, what else is new!  And Jillian and I had eye appointments.  Only the eye doctor I've been seeing is not a provider for our insurance, therefore Jillian didn't get seen!  Mine is covered under medical so I did.  I have a not so common eye funk, as I like to call it, Iritis.  I had it once when I was 19 and then got it again when I got pregnant with Wyatt.  Only this time it's not going away, so I have to stay on a steroid eye drop that one, causes cataracts and two high pressure.  That's why I was in, to have a check up.  Turns out my pressure is sky high, so they switched my steroid drops.  Now I have to go back tomorrow and Jillian is scheduled at another eye doctor.  What ever happened to my, stay at home and relax day off?!?

I finally had Wyatt's 9 month pictures taken last weekend!  I am so excited to see them.  Randy's cousin and husband, (the cousin's husband), took them.  Wyatt had a blast and was very cooperative.  I just know they got some good ones!  I'll show you as soon as I get them back!

My sister and I picked out and bought our kids Easter outfits!  The boys are going to match, but with different hats.  And Miss Jillian's dress has a tulle skirt and Hello Kitty sparkle shoes!  So cute, and the best part, my Memmaw is paying for them for Easter, instead of getting them toys and candy, which I'm sure they'll still get enough of!

That's enough randomness for one night, plus I need to go to bed!!

Happy almost midweek!!


  1. I love the party theme, and I don't think I have seen anyone do that before!

  2. CUte theme! and to think you never had anything to talk about is an understatement! So glad you blog! Looks like alot has been going on. Poor Noah!~ Have a good rest of the week!xoxo Enter my giveaway too~!

  3. Yes, we did have quite a fun weekend. I am just glad that your finger is starting to feel better! I am pretty sure Noah's lip is completely healed up! You did a great job keeping it together for me, I was about to cry, but was so focused on you helping him, that I didn't. Wyatt is going to have such a great birthday party. I can't wait for the Dr. Suess theme, it will be great!


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