Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Fun

We had an absolutely beautiful weekend, filled with abnormally warm weather, friends, family and fun!

Friday night I went out for our, once a month girls night. We met for dinner and girl talk, then did some shopping at Target (pronounced Tar-jay)!  As always we had a great time. There's just something about spending time with your girlfriends and talking about life, I love it! Even though I did miss my babies, they were in great hands with their daddy.

Saturday we went to a friend's son's 4th birthday party. He is in Jillian's preschool class and he and his family go to our church. We've become pretty close to them and our kids love to play together.
They rented one of those huge bouncy inflatables with a slide. Oh my talk about some fun. I may or may not have even got in on some bouncing!

Sliding head first, she had a blast!

Daddy and Bubbie played ball, and had a ball!


We ate pizza, yes, even Wyatt!

Sunday we went to church as always and tried to take some pics of the boys!  See below:

When one would look the other wouldn't!  Oh well, they're cute anyway!

Sunday afternoon was spent with family.  My SIL and MIL came down and took us to lunch.  These girls just love each other!  And I love seeing them together, it melts my heart

Cousin Love
After the girls played for awhile and the boys took a much needed nap, we parted ways and we headed over to Papa's house for Sunday night dinner.  For the second week in a row we ate outside on the deck and let the kids play in the yard.  I am loving this crazy warm weather we are having, let's see how long it lasts.

That is all!  Oh, except my friend hosted a link up today, but I didn't do a post.  The question/topic was, Where do you go for alone/me time.  I didn't post because I don't know what that is, lol!!  With two small kids, I'm doing well to go to the bathroom alone, which is also rare!!

You can still check her out, you can link up here.

Have a GREAT week!!

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  1. We did have a great time. I think the only thing I wasn't present for on your post was the birthday party. Oh how work messes up everything! Looks like Jillian had a blast with the bouncies and Wyatt looks like he is having a good time eating that pizza. Boy, can that baby eat!


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