Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hunting Eggs

We started Easter a week early.  Saturday our church held an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  They divided the kiddos up by age and let them "hunt" eggs in a room filled with multi-colored plastic Easter eggs!  Some filled with candy, others a dollar bill, and some with numbers for a bigger prize.

She was ready to hunt eggs!  

Little Miss Jillian walked away with way too much candy!  And she got 3 bigger prizes.  Glow in the dark bracelets,  finger puppets, stickers and bubbles.

Wyatt didn't hunt eggs, he was asleep, but he still had a ball.  He would steal his sister's eggs and play with them.

Sunday we went to our Memmaw and  GP's house for Easter dinner.  After dinner the weather had turned nice enough the kids got to hunt eggs outside in the yard.  This time both Wyatt and Noah joined Miss Jillian on the hunting.

All the blue and green eggs were for the boys, filled with goldfish crackers and a few plastic dinosaurs.

She found lots and lots of eggs, filled with candy and a few with hair accessories.  Although she didn't seem as excited this year as last year.  But she still had a great time.  Even more fun opening the eggs to see what she got.

Little man didn't know what to think, and he really wasn't sure about touching the grass with his hands, so funny!  Once he and Noah found out there were goldfish crackers in their eggs they wanted to eat them all.

Trying to get the three of them to look and smile is impossible.  Gives the pic more character I guess!!

I just love weekends filled with family and love!  This is what life is all about!!


  1. looks like you all had a great weekend! Kendra had a bday party and didn't want to go to the egg hunt! love all the pics

  2. Awesome post. They had a great time. The family picture looks great....character is what it has for sure!

  3. Great photos! Good idea about making different colored eggs for the boys! Memmaw is smart!


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