Friday, April 6, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

Thank goodness for the weekend!  I am so excited because we have big plans!  But first lets get to my top 5 laughs from the week.

 1. Jillian is a chip monster!  Last night she ran into the kitchen snatched the chips and ran back to her room.  She then proceeded to yell for her daddy.  When he went in she asked him to cover her and the chips up so Mommy won't see them!!  Sneaky girl!!

2. Wyatt learned how to wave a couple of months ago, but now he waves all. the. time!!  At who ever, when ever, where ever we are.  He waves bye bye, hello, and night night!  It is so stinkin cute!!

3. Jillian is not always very nice to her brother.  But she does have her moments.  Tonight while Randy and I were doing stuff around the house, she picked her brother up, (which is no small feat at 25lbs.) and took him to her room so he could play with her!  He thought it was hilarious!  She even shut the door, which I went and opened since Jillian has an obscene amount of small toys, (and I did go in and check on him!)  So sweet to see them play together.

4. Wyatt has learned to share food, almost!  When he was eating supper the other night, Randy would open his mouth and Wyatt would go to put his food in and then he would stop and put the food into his own mouth.  Like, SIKE!!   So cute!

5. Monday night Jillian crawled up in her bed and fell asleep before her bedtime.  We went in and checked on her, turned the light off and went to watch the UK game.  A couple of hours later we heard a huge thud.  Randy immediately looked at me and said, "do you think she fell out of bed?"  Well sure enough, he had forgotten to put up her rail and she rolled out.  She didn't even realize what had happened.  He scooped her up and put her back in bed, and we had a good laugh!!

I am linking up with Melissa at The Mommyhood Chronicles.  If you have funnies you want to share, come link up!  Have a great weekend!!  Happy Easter!!


  1. hello! found you through Laughs link-up....your kids are so cute!!!

    my daughter does #2 & #4 also lol

  2. Great laughs for the week! I loved them all, but especially the falling out of bed. We encountered that once too, and I felt horrible about laughing, but it cracked me up all night long. Lol. :)

  3. Haha- i am a chip monster too- I got relate to her:) I love the wave- too cute! Haha on #5- we just had this happen last night. She has done this a few times. Amazing, they don't wake up. Love your laughs:) Super cute. Happy Holidays my friend!

  4. Oh my goodness. Jillian had a me moment falling out of the bed and not knowing it. Mom said I did that, except I feel on a wood floor.....let's hope that's the last time that happens! Noah went through that phase where he acted like he was going to feed us and then take it away, and the waving is "so stinkin' cute" are so right! I love how much he waves, he is just so happy! I can't believe Jillian actually picked up her brother, because she always says she can't....good for her!


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