Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wyatt @ 11 Months

Oh my goodness!!  Let the countdown begin, my baby is almost 1!!  


 This picture speaks for itself.  Happy, smiley, fun loving, sweet baby boy.  This boy is so upbeat and happy, ALL THE TIME!  I love it, and so does everyone he meets.  He has developed a shy side, or at least he tries to act it when we see someone out.  He stills waves at everyone, and flashes that sweet toothy grin that will make your heart melt.  He loves his Daddy, his sissy, his cousin Noah and Aunt Jo-Jo, his PaPa and Mia, his Memmaw and Gp, as well as his Mammaw Helen, his sitter Ms. Debi and of course his Mommy!

Growth Stats

Little man is what I refer to him as these days.  He is weighing in at 26lbs. this month!  One of his Peds asked him to stay this size until he turns one!  We'll see!  I'm not exactly sure how long he is this month but I'm pretty sure he has grown an inch or so.  He is now wearing size 18 to 24 month to 24 month cloths.  And a size 4 in diapers.  He's not wearing shoes very much but the ones he wears on occasion are size 3-4. This boy is growing like a weed.  I'll be interested to see if he stays a big boy!


I am in the process of weaning him from breast feeding.  I had a goal of 12 months and we're going to make it.  I did start the weaning process a little earlier with Wyatt then I did with his sister.  I developed mastitis again last month so I decided it was time to cut back.  He wasn't very interested in nursing every four hours. He couldn't/wouldn't stay still while nursing either.  I kind of felt like he was trying to wean himself.  He now is only nursing in the morning when he wakes up and in the evening right before dinner.  He takes a sippy cup of breast milk at lunch time along with his food.  And when it comes to food there is nothing he won't eat.  He wants to eat everything we are eating now, so baby food has become almost obsolete.  He loves bananas, chicken, all kinds of veggies, spaghetti, and just about anything we put in front of him.


Playtime has become an all over the house into everything time.  He loves, loves, loves to play with his sissy in her room.  As of just this month she has been hollering for him to come and play with her.  Or she'll come and get him from me or his daddy and she'll try to carry him to her room.  For the most part they play really well together.  I bit the bullet and went through ALL of Jillian's small toys, and anything that was a choking hazard went in a bucket and is put up high in her closet.  He laughs and giggles when you play ball with him, and still thinks peek a boo is quite comical.  And did I mention the sand box?  Umm, yeah he likes it!  At first he wasn't to sure about the sand being on him but he quickly began to dig in it, throw some on his head and even sample some!


This month little man has taken to his feet.  Well, sort of.  He's cruising the furniture, and even letting go some, just to see how long he can stand there.  Not sure he ready to walk yet but he's getting closer.  He likes to hold your fingers and walk with you.  I know when he's good and ready he'll let go but for now I'm enjoying him holding my fingers!  And talking.  He is spitting out words sometimes as soon as I say them.  Hi, Dada, sissy, bye, thank you, all done, chicken, kitty, and Jo-Jo, just to name a few.  He amazes me everyday!

Baby boy I can't believe how fast your growing.  It's unreal how this short amount of time has flown by, and I'm truly going to miss this stage.  You are a snuggling little love bug who curls your little arms under your body and into my chest when your going to sleep at night.  I love how much I love you, you make my heart full.  God knew what he was doing when he blessed us with you.  Baby boy you complete this family.



  1. Happy 11 months! Cant wait to see you, it's been awhile! xoxo

  2. Amazing that he is almost 1. It was like just yesterday I was spending the night with you while you were spending your first night with Wyatt. He is a big boy and if he follows what Jillian has done he will be a big boy and then turn thin and tall. He is such a fun little man to be around! Can't wait for his first birthday, it will be a great party! Love you guys!

  3. Aw- Happy 11 months!!! Such a handsome fellah!


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