Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

These are my top 5 laughs for the week!

1. Jillian, my 3 year old told me this morning while I got ready for work, "Don't worry Mommy, I be good for Daddy", she then went over to her Daddy and said "Daddy, you be good for me."  Yes, she know's who's in charge!

2. Wyatt, my 5 month old, was eating his baby food one night this week and proceeded to spit like he was blowing raspberries in the air, food going all over him and me, I told him No,No, which came off as funny because he started laughing.

3. Last night we took the kids for Trunk or Treat at our church.  Jillian was the Little Mermaid, so I sprayed her hair with Red hairspray.  When we went to wash it out last night she said look Mommy it turned brown again!  I was so proud.

4. This wasn't my child, but so funny I had to share.  I was getting Jillian dressed in her costume at the sitters yesterday, and another little girl was watching Jillian.  Ms. Debi asked her what she was going to be for Halloween and she replied without skipping a beat, a BOOGER!  So funny, she's 2!  For the record she actually is going to be a cupcake...ha!

5. Jillian has gotten to be so perceptive lately, she knows which way we are suppose to go now.  Which now makes for a backseat driver.  So the other day I was taking the kids to my grandmother's house, but needed to stop at Kroger first, so I passed up the shortcut to my grandmothers.  Jillian had a fit, she said "your going the wrong way", and I said well we have to go to Kroger first, "No we not going to Kroger, we going to Memmaw's house", she hollared back at me!!

This is a blog hop, so if you have funny things that happen each week and would like to share it with us all, please link up at The Mommyhood Chronicles.

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  1. These are so funny! I love that he was eating the baby food and blowing raspberries, and then proceeds to laugh. Priceless! Love your laughs:) thanks so much in linking up. We do it every week. Great way to have memories down the road. Following you now as well.


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