Thursday, October 13, 2011

Family Pictures

Two months ago we had our family photo shoot.  If you don't remember read it here.  So with out further ado,  here they are!

Our photographer actually took 2016 pictures, wow!  It was really hard to pick out my favorites.  Little Bugz Photograghy, Aimee and Nikki, did a GREAT job.  Now we have some wonderful pictures to show for it.  Thanks again guys!


  1. Wonderful photos! What a great job the photographers did. It helps having such good looking models/subjects.

  2. OMG I love them. We are having a family shoot on Sunday. With a friend who is doing it to help her and her husband go on a mission trip. She has done some really great pics and am looking forward to having them done. You have such a beautiful family cuz. Love ya.

  3. Beautiful photos of your sweet fam!!!

  4. Love the pictures. They turned out great. Glad you got the cd, you are going to have some awesome pictures to put up at home!


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