Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wyatt @ 5 months old

Wyatt turned 5 months old on the 13th of October.  I know I've probably said it before, but I just can't believe it!


Wyatt is still such a happy baby.  He wakes up happy and grins and smiles all day long.  He still does really well with people other than the Mommy and Daddy.  By this age Jillian had really bad stranger anxiety, he doesn't...yet!  He is in LOVE with his big sister, from watching her every movement to laughing at her when she's being funny, he just adores her.   This makes my heart smile!


I just weighed him the other day at work and he weighed 21.5 lbs, can we say Chunky Monkey!!  I also measured him myself and the tape read 27 inches, maybe a little more.  This boy is growing by leeps and bounds, we can barely keep him clothed.  His is wearing size 3 in diapers and is growing out of 6-9 month clothes, (even though I'm trying to keep him in these as long as I can!) and into 9 month to 12 month clothes.


Wyatt is still nursing every 4 hours, usually 6/6:30a, 10/10:30a, 2/2:30p, and 6/6:30p.  In between those nursing he is eating solids.  Breakfast, around 8:30a, insists of oatmeal cereal and a stage 2 fruit, yes a whole jar.  Lunch, about 12 to 12:30p, includes 2,  stage 2 veggies, not always the full jars but close, and supper, usually around 6:30-7p, he eats another 2 jars of the stage 2 veggies.  His favorites so far are all the orange foods, and all the fruit.  He eats the green veggies okay  but gagged when we tried the meats, (not that I blame him!).
I am so happy/sad to report that he is sleeping in his own room all night.  Before we would wake him at 10:30p for his night time bottle, then put him back to sleep in our room.  Now we don't have to wake him, he sleeps all night in his own room.  I was really sad to move him out of my room, but he actually sleeps more soundly in there, and so do I!


Sleeping in his own bed all night long!  His vocal cords have apparently just developed!  He has always made small noises and giggled and talked but this month he has learned to really get loud and sometimes even squeal!  It's very funny but sometimes very piercing to the ears!


Playtime equals lots of sweet giggles, kicking and playing with anything he can get his hands on.  This month he has started to pay attention to everything, big toys, little toys and stuffed toy, (see below, poor monkey).  He also enjoys watching cartoons with his big sister.  Dora, Mickey Mouse, and anything on Disney!  He still plays in his play mat and has learned how to bounce in his jumperoo.

Wyatt, mommy and daddy are so blessed to have you in our little family.  You put a smile on our face every single day, and for that we are so grateful!!  We love you soo much little man!!

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  1. Total Chunky Monkey, but he is healthy so that is what matters! Can't wait to party tonight. Wyatt is such a good baby and will continue to grow and become better every day because of the loving family he has!


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