Monday, January 23, 2012

First Day

Miss Jillian started Preschool today! I almost can't believe it! She has been getting very bored recently at her sitters, and not wanting to go anymore. She was the oldest at her sitters and not being challenged enough to keep her busy so we thought she might be ready for school. Preschool should meet those needs. I had to wake her up this morning due to all our schedule changes, more on that in a minute, it was earlier than usual. I said are you ready to go to school and without even opening her eyes she said YES! I am so excited for her to learn new things and have structure and even "rules"!

She was so excited to take her back pack.

When we arrived she went right in to her classroom and washed her hands.  She then found the play dough!

They also have two guinea pigs, Stella and Luna, she thought they were pretty cool.  Randy and I both stood there for awhile, just watching her take it all in.  All the toys, all the letters and numbers, and even paint.

This is going to be good for her, I just know it.  I am so proud of her for making this next step, for reaching another milestone in her life.  Even though I was nervous and kind of sad, I told her Mommy had to go to work and Daddy was taking Bubbie to the sitters.  She looked up at us and said "Bye Bye"!  Randy and I stood there in shock, looked at each other and decided she was going to be just fine, and it was our time to go!

When I picked her up this afternoon, she was playing in the gym area.  As soon as she saw me, she squealed with delight and ran toward me.  (Shew, she still does need me!)  She even asked where her bubbie was.  I guess time away made her miss him!
  Her teacher Ms. Amanda walked up and I asked Jillian if she had a good day.  Ms. Amanda told me she did pretty good but she did have a little crying period.  They tried talking to her and she would put her hands over her ears.  So they left her alone awhile and she went back to playing again.  I asked Jillian why she cried and she told me, "well because, I just want you!"  She missed me, and I missed her.  I know that it may take a few weeks before she'll be completely use to going, but all in all I am so proud of her.  The world and schedule that she knows and have been use to have changed and for a child that's a pretty big deal.  Wait, I'm an adult and it's a pretty big deal to me too.
 I use to start my day at 6am when Wyatt woke up, but now that he and Jillian go to two different places I have to get a little bit earlier.  Randy helps me when he can, but he usually has to be to work super early and he goes the opposite direction than we do, so most of the time I'm flying solo!

I am so excited for Miss Jillian to learn new things.  More than anything I am ecstatic to see her happy, that means the world to me.  I think this is the start of something good!

Happy Monday!!!

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  1. I am glad that you have been able to be on time. I know you were really concerned about that!


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