Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday's Top Five Laughs

Here are my top 5 laughs from the week.

1. Randy had dirt on his jeans and Jillian asked him what it was, jokingly he said it was cow poop.  She turned to me and told me "Daddy has cow poop on his jeans, can you get me a wipe so I can wipe it off."  She's such a sweetie!

2. Wyatt takes benadryl at night before bed and when I gave it to him the other night and the dropper must have had an air bubble in it because it kind of spit in his face.  He then in turn spit in my face!  Take that mommy!!

3. On Tuesday my Mammaw Helen picks Jillian up from Preschool, she was so excited to see her she cried, Jillian not my Mammaw.  Thursday I went to pick her up and when she saw me she said "Mommy, I thought Mammaw Helen pick me up today!", very loudly.  I guess I disappointed her, not being Mammaw!

4. Wyatt is moving and rolling and scooting all over the place.  I was playing on my phone while sitting on the couch one evening and I looked down and Wyatt was gone!  I actually called out for him like he would answer, he had made it all the way behind the couch.  For a baby who doesn't fully crawl he gets around pretty well.

5. Jillian was in the restroom with her teacher when I asked if she had had a good day, the teacher said good but she didn't want to clean up her area that morning, and Jillian butted in and said "She put me in the time out chair!"  Hmm, maybe she'll clean up next time.

And one more just because Jillian just said it as I was typing this....

You know that J.C. Penny commercial where the women are screaming, well that was just on and Jillian turned to watch it.  Randy said what's she screaming about?  Jillian responded with "She wants her Mommy"!
So funny!!

Do you have funny things that happen that you want to share?  Come join us and link up at The Mommy Chronicles.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Lol at the cow poop!So cute with Wyatt scooting and getting around. Pretty soon, he will be like Zane and you will have your total hands full (see my laugh today:) Aw, she wants her mommy! Too funny! Loved your laughs:)

  2. Jillian and Wyatt are growing so quickly. When I look back at pictures of them it is hard to believe that you can write these things about them, because it doesn't seem like they should be happening yet. I mean, come on Wyatt stay in one place.....and Jillian was willing to wipe cow poo off of her Daddy's pants! Love it all!


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