Friday, January 13, 2012

Noah is One!

Today my adorable little nephew, Noah, turns 1 year old!! I remember being in the dilvery room, waiting anxiously to meet him. As soon as he came out I cried out of pure joy, watching my little sister give birth, absolutely something I'll never forget! The nurse wrapped him up and laid him on my sister's chest, me still crying and she looks up and says "is someone gonna put this on Facebook!". So of course we did!

From this one year ago.....

To this today, at a birthday lunch at Hooters with his daddy!  Happy, Happy Birthday Noah!!

Wyatt turned 8 months old today.  A post to come next week on him.  But for now a look at the past few months, and how much he's grown!

Can you believe how fast these boys are growing?  I know one thing, I'm enjoying every single minute!


  1. AW!! Happy birthday Noah. Such a cutie!

  2. I can remember that day vividly as well. I can remember your little ones as well. I wish I could have been there for more of Wyatt's. Can't wait to help with Wyatt's 1st B-day! They are both getting so big....sad and happy at the same time.

    1. You were there, you stayed the night, and I love ya for it! I'm glad you're gonna help with Wyatt's, I'm gonna need it!


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