Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Noah's First Birthday Party

Saturday, we celebrated Noah's first birthday!  

He had a blast!  

The party was sock monkey themed, complete with this adorable banner made by his momma, Jo-Jo!

And just look at that cake.  How sweet is that!  The top layer....banana!

Ball pits, balloons, and noisy horn things, oh my!

The horn thingys were a big hit.  Jillian just loved them!

Great friends came, and loved on my babies!

The birthday boy and his own smash cake. Everyone gasped when his daddy sat the cake in front of him.  Noah reached right for the candle!

Kids wrestled, and it was pretty hysterical!

Love, love, love this one.  Blake here was my first baby!!  I was there for a lot of his early childhood, so it's so wonderful to see him love'n on my baby!

Noah man enjoyed his cake, it was everywhere.  Including his hair, which is why it stuck up in the air, well, with help of his daddy!

This is one of the toys we got him, a musical zebra ride on toy, which he loved!  Oh and do you see that adorable little shirt, I ordered that from the sweetest lady on Etsy.  You can find her shop here.  I totally waited last minute to order Noah a shirt, but Martha just happened to be in Kentucky and able to make the shirt and ship it to me the very next day!!  Score!

So, I am becoming obsessed with photo apps for my phone, how fun are these pics?!?

Jillian and her Memmaw and GP, ready to party!

The party was a success.  Everyone had a fabulous time and Noah man got more presents than Christmas!  Jo-Jo out did herself, I was so proud of her and all her hard work.  I just hope I can pull off Wyatt's first birthday party as well as she did Noah's!

That being said, I am stuck on a theme for Wyatt's first birthday.  Any ideas?  Jillian's first was Elmo, but Wyatt doesn't seem to have a favorite cartoon yet, maybe Mickey Mouse.  Or maybe John Deere?  What do you think?  Any suggestions?  What was your child's birthday theme?

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  1. John Deer, John Deer, John Deer.........did I mention John Deer! He loves things that move. He would have so much fun, and it is so fitting for you family. You know Randy is going to make sure that little man gets his Daddy's love for tractors!


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