Friday, January 6, 2012

Jillian @ 42 months/3 1/2 Years

1. You are talking NON-Stop!!  Daddy and I hardly get a word in.
2. You are obsessed with your sticker dolly sticker books.
3. LaLaLoopsy has become one of your favorite toys.
4. Today you told me you wanted to be a Ballerina!
5. When your bubbie chews on the letters in the bath tub, you do the same.
6. He thinks you are the funniest person ever!
7. Santa brought you Strawberry Shortcake scented nail polish, You Love It!
8. You call band aid's headbands
9. Shoes and socks are the first to come off when we get home.
10. You love You Tube,
11. And you watch it all the time on our iphones.
12. You have more app's than I do
13. Dancing is something you do a lot.
14. You are having a hard time with Mommy leaving you in the mornings,
15. And this breaks Mommy's heart into teeny, tiny pieces.
16. You still have your pink baby blanket, and sleep with it every night.
17.  You wear this tutu all.the.time.!!

18. Yogurt, bananas, and apples are some are your favorite foods.
19. Chips, gummies and m&m's are too!
20. You take a hundred pictures of your self with your tongue sticking out on our phones.

21. You're wearing a size 10 to 11 in shoes.
22. I still put a bow in your hair everyday, and dread the day you won't want me to anymore.
23. You helped me decorate the tree for Christmas
24. You love Oreos but call them N'oreos's
25. Your bedtime is 9pm, but you always take forever to get in bed.
26. You wear big girl panties every day, but sometimes still have accidents, were working on it!
27. That being said, you still sleep in a pull up at night.
28. I trimmed your hair a couple of weeks ago.
29. You get in trouble all the time for getting other kids to chase you.
30. Cami is your favorite friend at your sitters house.
31. Sometimes you blow my mind with the things you say.
32. You are smarter than you know!

33. Twinkle Toes are your favorite pair of shoes.
34. You have been attending Sunday School a couple of months now,
35. and you always say that your gonna make me something pretty.
36. You have really started to like coloring just in the past few months.
37. You have started doing this growling type noise when you get aggravated, it's kind of funny!
38. Every time we feed Bubbie you ask "What's Bubbie have'n!"
39. Then I ask you if you want some, you ALWAYS say no!
40. You are scared to death of you electric toothbrush.
41. You love to put real water in your tea cups, but you tend to make a big mess!
42. The Farmer and The Dale, is the song you sing right now.

Girlfriend, (That's what I call you sometimes, okay all the time) you are Mommy and Daddy's world.  I can't believe how much you've grown in such a short while.  You amaze me every day with how smart you are, and  how loving you are.  It's such a dream to see you turning into such a sweet little lady.  We love you so very much Princess!! 


  1. Wow.......3 1/2, I just can't believe she is so big. Jillian you are such a beautiful little girl and have been since the day you were born. Your Aunt Jo-Jo loves you so much! You are such a lucky little girl, I hope you know how much we all love you!


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